1.z Ajaxx "Crusha"


WS: 32 BS: 32 St: 44 Tg: 48 Ag: 30 INT: 36 Per: 30 WP: 30 Fel: 35

Wnds: 15 Fate: 2 Move: 3/6/9/18

Skills: [note: All skills are Known unless noted]
Forbidden Knowledge
-Low Gothic
Common Lore
-Imperial Guard

Iron Jaw
Rapid Reload
Street Fighting
Weapon Training
-Solid Projectile

Ballistic Skill

Height: 1.9m Weight: 104kg
Hair: Short Cropped Light
Complexion: Pale


Penal Legion of the 99th Melgovian
Role- Heavy Gunner
Background- Ajaxx was born and raised to only be scum. The under hive of Scintilla is a dangerous world where everyday is a challenge to get by. Inhabited with mutants and violent gangs Ajaxx had to rely on his own strength to get by. Immense strength and his distrust of other people made Ajaxx a perfect enforcer for one of the many gangs existing on Scintilla. Nearing the end of his life as an enforcer, strange deaths were popping up around his gangs territory. These bodies carved with strange and disturbing designed started to litter empty buildings. After a few months of these disappearances his gang was able to pinpoint the location of one of the hide outs belonging to these unknown killers. Disposing of this group quickly Ajaxx and his men returned with piles of ominous looking books. Inside these books contained page after page of ancient looking symbols, some of which would cause terrifying nightmares to those who looked through them. A swift retaliation by these cultists and corrupted Arbites left Ajaxx’s gang torn to pieces, most of the left dead and the ones that got away eventually to be captured and arrested. Ajaxx being sent to the Sub Sectors Penal Colony was left with 2 choices, to serve in the factories of the prison or forgiven after death while serving as a Penal Legionnaire. As a legionnaire, Ajaxx was selected to be one of the rare heavy weapon crews. His first mission in the legion was to serve as cannon fodder for the 99th Melgovian during the mission which is now known as Massacre of Herisor. Unlucky enough to be thrown against the bugs at the start of the fighting Ajaxx and his crew worked hard to survive the first waves that hit. After his platoons Command Squad and Commissars were hit by a lucky Mieotic Spore mine, the platoon quickly dissolved into anarchy. Ajaxx taking advantage of the situation quickly pulled his Lasgun and ran with the rest of the dispersing men. During his retreat against the advancing ’nids he shoved, tripped, and even shot men in front of him hoping to buy himself a little time. Holding on to the rear access door of a retreating Chimera he was lucky enough to survive this terrible, terrible fight. With most of his platoon and legion destroyed, no one survived to speak of the sins Ajaxx committed to survive. With the destruction of the Penal Legion and the lack of man power in the Melgovian 99th, he still had the rest of his sentence to serve in the forces of the Imperium-

1.z Ajaxx "Crusha"

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