1.y Corporal Tarn Volkgeir

Hellion Company 3rd Platoon Veteran


Tarn Volkgeir, is a pale skinned male of slighly above average height and build. This head is kept shorn bald but he maintains a full but crudely trimmed bears upon his face. His left arm is badly scarred from an Ork Choppa wound sustained in training at Bastion Aquilla on the moon of Rothmoor. The events of his past have left his haunted and paranoid. He has show however remarkable resolve. This resolve and his innate abilities expressed through his skill sets have earned him a place amongst the Regimental PDF. At this time he is serving with the rebuilt 99th Melgovian Composite Regiment in a similar capacity.



I Sergeant Tarn Volkgeir, son of Sergeant Major Jerl Volkgeir and Munitorum Clerk 2nd Degree Basset Volkgeir; of Hive Spire 238, Planet Melgovia do hereby relay this account. Sergeant Major Jerl Volkgeirl was an Imperial Guardsman who served out the later years of his career assisting with the administration of Bastion Aquila on the Melgovian moon Rothmoor and training of the Melgovian recruits stationed there. Clerk 2nd Degree Basset Volkgeir was a member of the small Munitorum Cadre stationed at the Bastion. Both acted as a liaison element for Imperial interests with the Melgovian PDF. The primary function of this Cadre was to ensure the founding and transportation of Imperial Guard Regiments originating from the Melgovian PDF to support the requisite Imperial tithe. Sergeant Major and Clerk Volkgeir indulged in a romantic relationship while both were stationed at Bastion Aquila. The result of which was Clerk Volkgeir’s pregnancy and my resulting birth. In the first years of my life I was raised in the Munitorum dedicated section of the Bastion. Shortly after my fourth birthing date, an incursion of Feral Orks was able to breach the compound walls due to lax leadership and wanton disregard for Melgovian Military Doctrine. The incursion was short lived but effective. The death toll was in the hundreds with wounded numbering many times that. Among the dead were Sergeant Major Volkgeir who was last seen alive wielding Hell Pistol and Chainsword as he lead the second of four charges to retake the breach. Clerk Volkgeir was wounded in the conflict and expired 6 days later from infection that took to her lungs and heart.
After the resulting deaths I was transported to the Melgovian Hive Spire 238 and given into the care of Sergeant Major Volkgeir’s brother Kells Volkgeir. Kells Volkgeir was a shift supervisor for a blasting crew that worked the ore acquisition of Hive Spire 238. Kells Volkgeir was an adequate provider and ensured that my upbringing and education were in keeping with the finest Melgovian traditions. The result of which like all Melgovians, was my growth into an Imperial Citizen who is inspired by the Imperial Truth. These beliefs were not discovered to be alien or problematic until much later in my life. From a young age my intent had been to join the Melgovian PDF. My driven mind sought out this end for numerous reasons. The first of which was a desire to avenge the deaths of my birth Citizens and quell a deep seated hatred that I possessed for the green skinned Xenos scum. I also wished to serve the Emperor as my ancestors had and to escape the existence of the Hive. My formative years at Bastion had left me ill disposed to a Hive lifestyle.
Upon my 16th birthing date I enlisted in the Melgovian PDF. My first year was in the 121st Indoctrination Regiment where we were subjected to a curriculum of Athletic Aptitude progression, Formation Drill, the study of Melgovian and Imperial Military Doctrine, Equipment familiarization, and cleaning. Mostly it was cleaning while being “spoken” at in words that were nearly indecipherable, contain almost entirely language that would make the dirtiest mine worker blush, and was “spoken” at a decibel level that the sound waves emitted would have no need for my ears and would in fact be absorbed through direct application of sound wave to skin to skull to grey spongy meat between the a fore mentioned ears. My second year of training was much the same but less cleaning and more athletics and study. All the while still being “spoken” to by our training cadre. Upon completion of our second training year the 121th Indoctrination Regiment was approved to proceed to the next training phase. The change would bring us to Bastion Aquila. A place I was familiar with; or so I thought. Though my thoughts of the location were jaded by equal measures of hesitation from the events earlier in my life and an over confidence stemming from my presumed familiarity with the location. I found that my concerns had been reversed. We were kept so busy that I had no time to feel the apprehension of the location and in this active state I quickly discovered that my self presumed familiarity was in fact no help. I had been familiar years prior with the Munitorum compound and familiar to a degree with the Senior Staff offices that Sergeant Major Volkgeir had occupied. This knowledge served me little as I trained in sweat, blood, and tears, manned the defensive walls, or slogged through the dense jungle under the tutelage of our Senior Instructors while we hunted Feral Orks.
Within the first month our training began in earnest and we received our first set of Melgovian Combat Carapace Armor. We trained in that armor relentlessly. We at, slept, trained, and shit while wearing it. It became a part of us. Hell we wore it and sweat in it so much that it couldn’t help but smell like us . As I mentioned before; when we were not manning the walls, or patrolling the local jungle, we were enduring grueling hour after hour of physical training or rigorous drills. after 6 months of this we thought that we were untouchable. We had been conducting missions to hunt down and destroy the Feral Orks as well as respond to calls for aid from other patrols. We infiltrated the locations in every way available; Valkyrie insertion, Chimera Convoy, and the classic foot patrol. IN those 6 months we had not had any large encounters with Orks but those we had run into had ended in decisive victories for us. By the time we were quickly approaching our years completion and thus the completion of our training we had come a fluid, flexible, professional unit. I knew these mean and women closer than any other Human being I had ever known. Of particular note was the closeness that had developed between Private Sara Mellis and myself. We engaged in the occasional romantic engagement but were also deeply dedicated friends. She had my back and I had hers; at all times. Our team was exceptionally well meshed and looking forward to the graduation from our years of training. We thought we were ready for anything. We were wrong.
On what was to have been one of our final combat missions the following events took place. While conducting a foot patrol through the saran marshlands at the base of Hill 554 to the north of the Bastion Private Krelgore of Second Squad sustained a serious ankle injury when he stumbled over a root ball that was submerged below the surface of the murky swamp water. As Senior Instructor Sergeant Jacklowitz proceeded to assist the squad the rest of us took up a relaxed but proper defensive posture. I am to this day unsure of if were were lax in our discipline, or if the Orks were really just that much better than us but as I scanned my area of the surrounding jungle and marshland I hear s whooshing roar and then agonizing screams. I turned in time to see a spout of promethium like the tongue of fabled dragon wrap second squad in its embrace. The loudest ear shattering scream emanated from Senior Instructor Sergeant Jacklowitz,who then sunk to his knees and slowly submerged below the inky water of the swamp. With that the Orks were upon us. They seemed to come out of no where charging with primitive weapons and more advanced weaponry that they must have scavenged from previous victories. Private Sara Melliss was our acting radioman and immediately took a knee and began relaying messages back to the Bastion. I stood over her and took aim down my sights, firing Las Bolt after Las Bolt into the oncoming Horde. I heard Private Sara Melliss send her final transmission with our current location to Bastion and with that reflexively turned to look down at her. At the moment that I looked down she looked up and we both saw a fragmentation grenade had been thrown between us. Our eyes met momentarily and before I could react she threw herself down onto the device. I felt an ear shattering explosion and I went unconscious immediately with a sharp pain in my skull. I was found in a small pile of bodies with the top left half of my body badly burned and the charred Identification Tag of a platoon mate lodged in my skull. The ID tag had apparently been ripped loose and turned into shrapnel let loose by the explosion. The explosion carried the tag through my Carapace Helmet and into my skull.
When reinforcements arrived they found that the Orks had striped the body’s of the slain of anything valuable and taken as slaves any wounded they thought may recover from their wounds. I was take to Bastion Aquila where I was treated for my injuries. Though my Brain seemed to be fine my skull had to be augmented by a cybernetic enhancement. I later found out after a psychological evaluation that my personality was flagged as “Cautionary”. I was cleared for duty but with a reference in my personnel folder indicating that I predisposed mental “instability”. This “instability” was deemed to have likely originated from the head trauma I received in the Ork ambush. What could not have been know to the Churigeon was the relationship I had shared with my platoon and with Private Sara Melliss. It was in fact having lost her in her sacrifice to save me that haunted me and tore at the walls of my mind. The “instability” was classified to be just within the tolerable spectrum for acceptance into the Melgovian PDF and thus the Imperial Guard. The same “instability” lends my personality at times to be prone to drive and focus that borders on Obsessiveness; a predilection for details, mild Paranoia, and an intense Hatred for the Green Skins. After Weeks of rehabilitation I was allowed to stand in the Regimental Graduation. At the graduation we were informed that our Regiment would not be joining the PDF but would instead be a part of the impending founding. This was a great honor and excited every member. Part of this transition was to receive our new Imperial designation. We Became the 99th Melgovia “Emperor’s Bastards”. After the founding we were loaded aboard a Imperial Navy Arson Regimental Lander and transported to the Imperial Navy Transport Pax Tyrannis.
For the next 15 years that Pax Tyrannis was my infrequent but stead home as she carried us from wayward battle zone to wayward battle zone. It wasn’t until campaigning on the Agriworld Herisor that things changed. We were conducting our duties as the duties as the Battalion Personal Security Detail to the Colonel whenwe all responded to the Massacre at Herrisor Flats. I was with Sergeant Major Yeseph Alexander and the others. We fought to a man like devils to save out Kinsmen. Sergeant Major Yeseph Alexander is solely responsible for our survival as his quck mind and tactical awarenes saved us all more times than I can could count.


Having lived the costs of so many kinsman fallen is a familiar feeling. I have dreaded it so and my heart aches to see so many of our bretheren fallen. I feel as though a great wall of dark is building around me. Built from the bodies of those I have fought with and for. I simply cannot kill enough to avenge the fallen.
I findmyself now aboard yet another transport. No longer the Pax Tyrranus as I am accostomed. The Regiment being so short in numbers was ordered by the Munitorus to absorb the majority of the survivors from Herisor. What a mange and clap trap bunch these men are. Some hardly look at all to be preperly trained. I saw one yesterday playing with some idle fetish. No doubt some thing he had dreamed up in his White painted shaven head. I even saw what I believed to be a Tanith. I had heard tell of them but had never met or seen one. I do not know how he could come to be so far away from what little I imagine are left of his people. The worst and best part of this is the Orgyn Auxillia. I am excited to work with the Orgryn but Emperors tears are they ripe with smell.
We find ourselves plaentside at Theater Base Alpha. It appears that myself and my new Squad are to move out soon and accompany the Sergeant Major on a mission. I do not yet know how I feel about these new men. I have trust that they are Guardsmen but of that caliber? I am glad that the Sereant Majr at least will be there. I will write when we return from this mission.
The Mission was a success. I must refrain from the details here but I know this now. my suqad mates though seriously unorthodox are shaping up to be quite an effective force. It is no longer any secret the Adeptus Ministoum has made it clear that they intend to persocute us for out culture. Sadly they do not realize it is they who have strayed far from the path. We will stay true to our foundings and to hell with these “holy” men. We stood in a regimental formation today where Colonel Marn conrgatualted us personally, only to be followed by the sour remarks of the Arch Confessor Vladamir Nessar. It however was supremely amusing when the Sergent Major and Comissar Hetch drug one of his cronies wearing one of our uniforms before him andin front of everyone essentially told him to back off. The Sergeant Major has been there for me many time and he doesnt seem to ever stop. I would go anywhere for that man.
We are not on a Rogue Trader Vessel named the Litany of Woe. I will again forgo the specifics of our situation as I do not wish record such sensitive information but suffice to say this is nearly unheard of in this day and age. With that said I suppose I am blessed to be seeing a rare but historical scenario play out and to be a part of it….. Oh I nearly forgot. We are and will be operating with Beastmen. I have heard of them but have never encountered one. They are interesting. I am not entrirely sure what I would have expected but they areny entirely whatever it was. It has been unique and much like our current scenario I am intrigued by living as a part of an ancient pairing.

1.y Corporal Tarn Volkgeir

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