1.z Tankbuster Adon Valeroyale

Former 86th Ghalendrian Home Guard anti-armour specialist


Name: Tankbuster Adon Valeroyale “Loverboy”
Regiment: The 86th Ghalendrian Home Guard “The Smithy”
Specialty: Weapon Specialist
Aptitudes: Agility, Ballistic Skill, Fellowship, Fieldcraft, Finesse, Leadership, Weapon Skill
XP: (600)

Wounds: 9
Fate: 2

Insanity: 9
Corruption: 0

Weapon: 33
Ballistic: 37
Strength: 33
Toughness: 32
Agility: 46
Intelligence: 30
Perception: 30
Willpower: 31
Fellowship: 34


Combat Master: Enemies gain no bonuses from Ganging Up.

Heightened Senses (Hearing): +10 to Tests using hearing.

Paranoia: +2 bonus to Initiative Rolls. GM may test Perception to notice threats automatically..

Quick Draw: Can draw and ready pistol, basic and one-handed melee weapons as a free action.

Rapid Reload: Halve all reload times, rounding down.

Sprint: You may add your agility bonus as meters to Full Move actions or use double your movement for Run actions. Gain a level of fatigue if you use this talent two turns in a row.

Tank-Hunter: Add Ballistic Skill bonus to all ranged attacks against vehicles of any kind.

Weapon Training (Las, Melta, Plasma): May use basic, pistol, melee, throwing and vehicle weapons of the types listed without penalty.


Common Lore (Imperium, Imperial Guard, Tech, War)
Forbidden Lore (Daemonology) +10
Linguistics (Low Gothic)
Navigate (Surface)

Special Bonuses

Accustomed to Crowds: No penalties to running or charging through crowds. Crowds do not count as difficult terrain.

Anti-Armour: Add degrees of success on an attack roll as points of armour penetration when attacking any sort of vehicle.

Close Quarters Battle: +10 to all Ballistic Skill tests made at point blank range.

Special Flaws

Hivebound: -10 penalty to all Survival tests while in any natural environment.

Mental Trauma: +1d10 Insanity Points. When failing a Willpower roll by 3 degrees or more, become stunned until end of next turn.


-1 uniform
-1 set of poor weather gear
-1 las carbine (Main weapon) and 4 charge packs
-2 frag grenades, 2 smoke grenades, 1 krak grenade
-1 Mono-Knife
-1 set of Light Carapace armor
-1 Meltagun
-1 rucksack or sling bag
-1 set of basic tools
-1 mess kit and water canteen
-1 blanket and 1 sleep bag
-1 rechargeable lamp pack
-1 grooming kit
-1 set of id
-1 guardsman’s primer
-2 weeks combat rations



Adon is a man of middling height and build, small for a trooper but well suited to his homeworld. He has darkly tan skin and bright blue eyes set into a rounded, quite pretty face. His hair is kept shock-short on top with shaved sides, but he expresses a degree of individuality by dyeing it various colors as it suits him. At the moment it is pink with a streak of violet on the left side. His good looks and care for his general appearance has earned him the nickname “loverboy.”

His slight build and small height is fairly deceptive. Beneath his uniform there is almost no body fat to speak of, leaving behind corded and severely defined muscle. His speed and strength are formidable, he just needs help getting to the high shelves at times.

He’s a man of laconic attitude and easy movements, never seeming to do more than he absolutely has to. This attitude and demeanor mask the fact that in battle he moves like lightning, with frightening reaction time and high speed sprinting to get into position. Because of his training he’s a specialist with the meltagun, meaning he’s more than used to being right in the enemy’s face, dealing with them using an array of short-ranged weaponry and, when necessary, his knife. He lives for the adrenaline rush of close combat and the thrill of victory, he just doesn’t show it.

Adon’s interesting personal habits include: Saying things that sound sarcastic but are not. He’s actually hardly ever genuinely sarcastic. Harmlessly flirting with fellow soldiers, sometimes ducking fists for it. Finding weird places to sleep during bunk time.


Adon comes from the scummy side of planet Ghalendria, a glittering and neon-soaked hive world built for luxury, gambling and the pleasure of the upper classes. The lower class of Ghalendria spent its time in the service or manufacture sectors, serving their betters for a tiny slice of the pie at the end of the day.

Adon’s parents both were service workers and he was a latchkey child, falling in with the wrong crowd early on despite his generally good-hearted nature. In his hive gang he was quickly distinguished for his speed and agility, his ability to navigate a crowd with both stealth and swiftness. If something had to be stolen and run with, Adon was the thief for the job.

It was during one such snatch and run that Adon was, for the first time, CAUGHT. By a large and frightening woman who looked down at him with a curious mix of disdain, curiosity and intent. The woman plucked her wallet back and let Adon go, but not without a simple remark. “With reflexes like those you could go far in the Guard. Enlist, son. Join the Emperor’s legions and turn your back on this empty life.”

Adon met that woman many times over the next few weeks, as if she were waiting in the wings so that the boy would spot her. She turned out to be Drill Sergeant Amadea Pierce and her persistence eventually won out. One day Adon stopped showing up to meet his fellow gangers, the next he was beyond their reach. Amadea became his training officer along with all the other enlisted troopers at the time and the group was raised into the 86th Ghalendrian Home Guard. AKA “The Smithy.”

The 86th was made up of young men and women who, like Adon, possessed incredible speed, agility and precision. They were outfitted with advanced but dangerous energy weapons, favoring the plasma and meltagun. They acted as tank-busters, carving through armor with light and heat alone, disabling and destroying enemy vehicles without any collateral damage. They were mobilized on their homeworld and other hive worlds most often, using this specialization to the fullest.

Adon in particular used his compact size a lot, rolling between tank treads and wheels and cutting up into the belly of a tank or personnel carrier to cook alive the men inside, deftly rolling away from any falling slag and dashing from the imminent explosion as the fuel ignited. The rush he got from close-quarters decimation of traitorous scum was like a far more powerful version of the dangerous thrill of picking someone’s pocket and sprinting away. It felt more worthy to do. It made him feel like an instrument in the hand of the Emperor Himself!

All rushes end, though. That is a fact of the galaxy.

While pursuing the destruction of a heretical vehicle depot hidden in the bowels of Ghalendria, Adon’s regiment fell afoul of something they were woefully unprepared for. A score of the heretics had sacrificed themselves to bring into being a horrific demon called Garverius. A spindly creature of horn, bone and unholy flame, it was quicker than the quickest soldier the 86th had to offer and it feared not the precision weaponry they had to bear. It wove around plasma bolts and beams of concentrated heat to rend men asunder, to breath profane fire that seared some alive and twisted others into screaming unnatural abominations that answered the daemon’s call.

Adon was one of the few who managed to escape the slaughter. He and his squad fought through fear and tears, cutting down their former, now mutated comrades with equal parts disgust and sorrow. He will never forget the sight of his own brothers and sisters transformed into chaos wretches, corrupted beyond hope. He will never forget the scent of burning flesh as he had to use his own meltagun to swathe through them.

After the horror and the dishonor of retreat, the bloodied remains of the 86th was divided up and split. Their equipment and training was too valuable to waste, so any punishment from escaping the daemon’s clutches was commuted. Instead, they were sent off and made parts of other regiments. Anti-armour specialists are ever in need against the armies of the Imperium’s countless foes, after all.

Adon himself was loaded onto a transport, headed off to a world strange to him in every way. What did this 99th Melgovian Composite regiment have in store for him? Would he find glory, the rush he craved? Or, would he find only the death he escaped on his homeworld?

1.z Tankbuster Adon Valeroyale

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