1.f Sergeant Major Yeseph Alexander

Sergeant Major 3-99th Melgovian Hell's Wrath


SgtMaj Yeseph is a Melgovian with an athletic build and stands 5’7. His Demeanor is on of Stoic professionalism with a laid back perception of IG regulations. He walks with a limp in his right leg from a rocket wound to his pelvis; which he shows to troops regularly. He is rarely found without his Power Fist and Storm Bolter. Sergeant_Merrick_6965.jpg


Sergeant Major Yeseph Alexander (Sergeant Major 3-99th Melgovian Hell’s Wrath) is a hard but fair man. He chooses to interact only as necessary and will back Colonel Brecht to his dying breath as he almost has many times in the past. Sergeant Major Alexander believes that men bond through mutual suffering and that suffering is best imposed by training hard and comradre. He is not at all fearful to take charge when necessary and lead from the from the front utilizing his many years of experience to lead men to victory. Sergeant Major Yeseph Alexander will support Colonel Brecht in anything plan and is his closest adviser. He is also the Colonels man in regards to taking care of special tasks.

1.f Sergeant Major Yeseph Alexander

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