2.a Senechal Sipline Karr

Rogue Trader Senechal


Sipline Karr (Seneschal) Sipline Karr has been the driving force behind the “mundane” but neccessary aspects of the Commodore – Captains house for nearly 100 years. Seneschal Karr oversees all of the domestic affairs of the Commodore – Captains Fleet and is a shrewd and ruthless Mistress. It is said that she maintains a small network of informants whom keep her up to date on any information related to her duties and news. Seneschal Sipline Karr is a tall lithe woman of 6’2 who wears impressive formal attire at all times and whose appearance is immaculate. She possesses a fragrance that is pleasant to anyone near her but smells different to each person.


2.a Senechal Sipline Karr

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