2.c Rune Priest Kreth Gren

Rune Priest Assigned to the Litany of Woe


-Rune Priest Kreth Gren (Tech Priest) Rune Priest Keth Gren is one of only a handful of Rune Priests that are on the Litany of Woe. As a Rune Priest her charge is very different than that of the rest of her brethren. The Rune Priests sole duty is to engage an intuitive creative process to come up with what are typically fund to be “Unorthodox” method to reviving and assisting Machine Spirits. Kreth Gren is like most of her fellow Rune Priests……. Unorthodox. She is almost comical in her nature. Naturally gifted and possessing a high aptitude but with very high aversion to violence. Rune Priest Kreth Gren is diminutive at 5`0 and slight of frame. Her robes flow over her small body and only seem to bulge over what seems to be dozens of tomes layered within his clothing. She appears to be highly modified and it would be anyones guess which parts of her are in fact still organic.


2.c Rune Priest Kreth Gren

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