1.f Trooper Arn Bigshoostakilla

Autocannon wielding Mammoth


Private Bigshootakilla is average for an Ogryn. That is to say he is nearly 9 ft tall and close to 900 lbs. His body odor is repugnant and musky, but can be tolerated with time. While his head is bald and his face is smooth of hair his body is covered is sparce but thick brissled hairs. He wears standard Ogryn issue boots and Pants, along with a Tan T-shirt with its sleeve torn of. This shirt is worn under what looks to be a almagamation of Guardsman Flak Vests sewn into a plus sized version capable of covering his massive size. Though ignorant like the rest of his species he is typically happpy; this is untiul he feels that he or on of his prized “Little’uns” is in danger. In these circumstances he becomes violently aggressive choosing if able to press the trigger on his Autocannon and not let up until the barrel has melted, he has run out of ammo, or his foes are vanquished. In the case of all but the latter he will typically choose to wieled the Autocannon as a club to beat his enemies into a mass of unrecognizeable flesh.



Private Bigshootakilla Served with the Mordian 757th. He found himself in the odd position of being attached to an Armored Reconnasaince element. This entailed travelling in an armored vehicle which is normally a significant issue for his kind. Fortunately he was able to ride in a Salammander Scout vehicle where the open top allowed him to alleviate his natural phobia as well as utilize his Autocannon to teh benefit of the vehicle and crew.

1.f Trooper Arn Bigshoostakilla

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