DECEASED Trooper Benge "Bengus" Figgus

Ratling Sniper


Benge or Bengus, is like all his race a short fellow of just under 4’. Though a quiet man he is under that body of dark brown hair a good natured fellow. His Hazel eyes indicate this with a boyish glint in them. He enjoys food and drink, and especially food and drink with any female that is likely to be wooed by his boyish charm. He wears only a set of cut down Guardsmans trousers, issue T-shirt, Flak Vest, and Cloak; prefering to rely on agility and stealth. 1778feb5efbd4b2658c905e493216338.jpg


Bengus does not speak of his past. What is known has been picked up from collected rumor and a few tidbits of overheard information from the Commisars. It seems that Benge’s entire Ratling Sniper element was killed and fairly horrifically by a tide of Tyranids that they had “Volunteered” to stay beind to cover the Company retreat. How Benge survived and why he is able to maintain a jovial demeanor is a mystery.

DECEASED Trooper Benge "Bengus" Figgus

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