1.y Trooper Golbar Faroom

Tall lanky man of pale ashen skin, head and eyes dyed black with a thick smear of grease and tar. Brilliant blue eyes shine with wonder and awe, and just a hint of madness.



Golbar lives for the Imperium. Born to some feral planet thats name is simply some alpha-numeric code due to its lack of true value, he and many of his brothers were recruited by the Imperial guard as Hunter Killer troopers, inspired by the way they coordinated in battle despite the lack of technology, quickly tracking down targets on their rigged together warbuggies and hounding their prey until it collapsed.

The Half-Lifes entrance to the Imperial Guard not completely welcome, their origin being of bandit clans in the middle of no where, a grudging respect has been given in their ruthless means of disrupting supply lines, stealing and destroying enemy equipment and disappearing leaving smoking wreckage behind. And, with their willingness to die for The Emperor, when standard weapons are unable to damage a fixed emplacement, heavily armored vehicle, or other threat, they howl and bellow for the Emperors attention while priming every explosive they can before ramming into their target at high speeds.


Golbar found himself seconded to the 3-99th Melgovian after a lengthy battle saw the others of his squad destroy a Tau Devilfish that had managed to break through the lines in battle and a direct line to Allied Command. The squad, thanks to their light but speedy warbuggys, managed to catch up, several drivers sacrificing themselves crashing into the APC damaging its turret and one of its thrusters slowing it enough for the others to pile onto the craft and breech the hold tearing into the Tau at close range.

Golbar was the only survivor of his squad, and escaped heavily wounded after planting melta charges in the Devilfish before bailing out (Its never occured to his tribe that anybody would not attempt to ram the enemy if they were unable to make it). Other forces were credited for the kill, despite none being even close to assist in taking the vehicle down, leaving Golbar and the survivors of other squads to be absorbed into the 99th.

Golbar has seen little in the way of Discipline from Command and Commissars, for the most part marks against him come from improper uniform, excess zeal in battle (usually charging before given orders). Though he insists the Commissars were not completely into the lashings they gave him, as they enjoy his Willingness to serve the Emperor.

The one sore point between him and the Regiment lies with the Techpriests. Several times he has attempted to scavenge parts to rebuild his buggy, which follows no STC and very much a work of the individual. Attempts have halted, and remains one of the few things that can bring down the Half-Lifes mood.

He enjoys the company of his new squad members, but misses the comradery of his brothers, though the restoration of the Chimera has helped raise his spirits. Now if only he could get his hands on one of the natives battle bikes….

The following week was much Rote for Golbar, the slow drive, the constant look out for enemy forces, attempting to track viable targets. His aggressive nature showed through with each encounter with the enemy, fully ready to quickly assault them and then fade off, he was overruled by the higher ranked party members much to his consternation.

In the time he isnt piloting the Chimera he has taken to tinkering with the equipment of the chimera and the Hull, many places now etched with remarkably well done Aquila, the Imperial guards Skull, Laurels, and wings, and others in little places to bless the stress points of the machine.

In addition to his “artistic” endeavors he has taken to riding with Lorak son of Calth to help provide an extra pair of eyes, and someone who can shoot, for the scout. It was the pair of them that came upon the remains of one of the squads dispensed to Capture or Eliminate the enemy General, and the sheer devastation to the vehicle shook Golbar. Unable to identify the means of which the tank was damaged, he did manage to find Private Bigshootakilla shielding another trapped under the remains of the Vehicle and sending Lorak back to retrieve the squad while he checked the scene.

To the worry of some of the squad, he has taken to fiddling with the plasma gun found in the wreck, and while hasn’t so much has fired it, has taken to keeping it close until someone else takes it…

Most recently, after almost a week of waiting they finally engaged the enemy, attacking a convoy headed towards the enemies base camp the Private managed to disable one of the enemy trucks with a well placed Krak grenade moments before it was absolutely Annihilated by Corporal Tok, the resulting explosion not quite reaching Faroom, but singed his skin quite well leaving him invigorated with an obvious sign of the Emperors backing on the event.

Now the group sits down to plan the assault, Golbar simply hopes the others will be willing to listen to his suggestions..

Whilst Tok and others went to investigate the camp, Luther, with some help from Golbar, managed to right the captured soldiers from corruption before returning them to the Emperors light, giving them a swift burial.

Not long after that, the assault began. Golbar and Tarn snuck into the base and commandeered the enemy chimera while Tok and the others occupied the guards and blocked the barracks. The squad made quick work of the enemy troops cutting them down mercilessly. The only snag being when those trapped in the burning bunker blasted their way out the back of the building, though they ran straight into the flames of Corporal Tok’s flamer, and quick work from Tarn on the newly aquired Chimera’s multi-las turret took care of the rest.

A quick raid of the compound secured a good deal of supplies, including a cache of demolition charges that were quickly used to collapse part of the cave mouth, and blast open the bunker, albiet slightly inefficently from Golbar’s inexperience with precise demolition… The battle was fierce, the General’s guards well equpped and trained, but through tactical thinking, and use of MANY stun grenades they were eliminated, and the general taken alive!

The squad quickly stripped the bunker of anything useful, including communications protocols, codes, battle plans, and maps before quickly making their way out of enemy territory.

The run of good luck came to an end though with the arrival of foul eldar, a surprise attack in the night nearly destroyed the second Chimera with Golbar and Tarn in it, and did bring the end to the rescued Karskin Sergeant. But through quick thinking, and good old fashioned running shit over, the eldar were quickly dispatched, save for one. an Eldar Wych was captured alive, proof of the Severin’s heresy against the Emperor.

Golbar took the time to drag the xenos bodies into a pile around their vehicle, condemning them in their inhumanity, before lighting the whole pile up with promethium and proceeding back to base.

Their return home was not the triumph expected, but treachery by the Jannisary, they were sent to an empty field and placed in confinement, pending interrogation by the Ministorium, though they learned little, attempting to flatter Golbar with his faith, only to receive the half-lifers honest and simple opinion…

Later that night the Sergeant Major broke his way into the cells liberating his men before returning to their own camp.

Mourning the loss of the damaged, but hard earned chimera taken from the Dominate, he is content in at least they have managed to keep the one he had fixed up, and much of the goods they liberated from the traitors.

Their return to the camp in triumph was great for Golbar, their acceptance with the success of the mission, and the dirt kicked on the Jannisary, helped break down some of the walls built up by the different regiments. A strange aside to pick up some large transport pod, and then a massive muster for the soldiers. And almost as soon as it was done, they were off again.

Requisitioned by a Rogue Trader the Regiment found themselves moved aboard his ship, a massive grand relic of the past, sectioned into a hab block in the hold. Spending his time working on Shining up his shotgun, golbar has spent his time working in the motorpool, and repainting the Liberated Chimera properly, proudly marking it as the “Glanzend Chrom” while repainting it to cover the former markings of its old regiment. And much to his surprise, his squad placed in charge of training a squad of beastmen. The abhumans well trained, but lacking in communication skills Golbar set out at first with basic hand signals, and has begun working towards more complex means, and helping the shotgunners learn to fight more effectively with their weapon while moving to close range. He is strict with them, but fair, and runs through the drills with them, and doing his best to work out solid communication. Its almost like being with his clan again, save the lack of proper buggies. And them having horns.

Training with the beastmen continued, the big day coming with Soft fire training, an opposing squad against them and the beast men.. And to complicate things, in zero G… Hesitant at first, Golbar took to the training with ease, leaping back through the obstacles keeping low to the ground. … The actual ground. Not the ground that was formerly the ceiling. But sadly enough, he was not fast enough to catch up with the beast men, who while many were knocked out, did an excellent job handling the enemy squad while his own handled the weapons servitors.

The time passed by, with little to do Golbar continued to help maintain the vehicles, work on his gun, and rest up.. Soon enough the call to action came up, troubles in the hull of the ship, crew members going missing, and their squad called up to run clean up. Equipped and ready to go the group split apart and began their sweep of the hold, Golbar accompaning twister and several of the goatmen.. While equipped with auspex and his new photovisor, The group still managed to loop around to their start point several times, which golbar insists is because of some oddity of the warp, as his sense of navigation is perfectly fine.. But still they managed to meet up with the rest of the squad.. Already in combat.

Quickly joining the fray Golbar managed to dispatch several of the mutants who saw fit to charge in rather poorly, quick blasts of his shotgun blowing the worthless scum apart..

His effectiveness ended when the larger abominations entering the fray, doing his best to evade and distract while those with more powerful weapons tore them apart, but eventually the monsters landed a solid hit cleaving through his armor all to efficently. Following this, a misfire landed a lasbolt in his back, staggering him, but leaving him standing..Thanks to the quick work of Twister the massive abominations fell, and the battle ended.

Back at The Hole, golbar spent the next week or so in healing from the wound in his chest, and the burn on his back, spending the lightest of time working onh is gear when he could.. His uninjured squad called away on Special guard duty, a spur of jealousy and possibly the closest to anger he felt to Tarn, though quickly passed as the burn wasnt that bad. The rumors the others passed on intriguing.. And almost as soon as he was out of the infirmary, he was called up.. Now getting ready to load up and continue the mssion on the Space hulk, Pandora’s Dirge…

After making ready Golbar met with Rune Priestess Kreth Gren. Seeming oddly smitten with her he followed her about, almost making late on their departure from the ship in trying to show her the old schematics of his old regiments buggies, only able to show his own before being scolded into place by the squad.

Riding the Chimera down upon the Shark, Golbar piloted the craft about the landing bay, though had to struggle not to pass out with each depressurization of the Chimera. From there he continued to patrol in Vehicle helping to make sure that all areas were sealed, and enjoy the time in his Vehicle again.

Great news came when the Arson Lander made touchdown, recalled back the squad and he were assigned to escort Rune Priestess Gren to the target ship to help engage its Core in an attempt to destroy the Space Hulk. Making ready they shipped out on foot, and the trip, was mostly uneventful. The first oddity being a meeting with a strange ape-like creature hiding in a strange survival bubble melded into the ship hull. With his expert instruction Golbar was able to coach the Sergeant into opening the device, and with the help of the Rune Priestess they were able to convince the strange, but not hostile, being to come with them. And such, they continued, the ship strangely empty save an incident with a voided room causing golbar to pass out, an encounter with a strange xeno that was annihilated by Twister as soon as he saw it, (Golbar taking its lower jaw and a few other bangles as trophies), and the discovery of a handful of antique refractor shields in non-working condition, (which golbar quickly snatched up, though one disassembled by the ape, and then kept by the Priestess)

And thus they trudged along, until in one of the holds they came upon the corpse of a Xeno, long dead. Unbelieving of the others panic Golbar took a moment to collect one of the beasts claws, having heard they can be made into great blades, before trudging along with the group until they happened upon a pair of refugees, injured civilians, and offered to take them back to the ship with them if they had that chance, though they wished to find the rest of their family first. The party escorted them a ways, collecting more refugees before hearing gunfire, Twisters quick thinking got a quick response from command on the Rogue Traders Radio frequency, and making contact with the Trader, only to be warned that the people traveling with them were enemies, and orders to fire.

Quickly cutting them down the squad rushed to the source of the gunfire to find the Rogue Trader and his Guard pinned in a small area, hordes of twisted creatures attacking, and the squad opened fire.cutting down scores of the enemies, and golbar lobbed oneo f his fire grenades into the midst of a swarm of them cleansing them with Rightous Fire. The rogue trader left them to the mission before moving to return to the ship, and on edge with arms ready, the squad continued on at a hurried pace making their way towards the Target area. The trip tense, The Gizmometer going off continuously with the sheer swarm following pace with them hidden in the walls safe from buckshot and fire bomb, but eventually they made it safely to the Bridge.

While Tech Priestess Gren worked on configuring the engines and Drive, and the rest of the squad looted the available area, golbar was quite content to catch a quick nap in the Captains seat before they were off again. the Swarm on their heels, Death ticking over their heads, and His Glory to urge carry them on.

Just why didnt ships have smaller vehicles so that one could move quickly through them? Sure the God Emperor had thought of such a thing! Anyways..

Trapped by the swarm the others called in to the Litany of Woe to fire two shots into the Hulk opening a breech they could jump across as they were trapped in the maze of corridors and sharp pointy teeth. Once again embraced by the cold Void Golbar fought to remain conscious, just barely making it across to the other side of the ship, and with hardly any time to rest, the run resumed. The Arson lander in the last stages of prep the squad made it aboard the ship and to their chimera, quickly strapping down as it lifted off. For a bit, silence, then a great shaking, panic… And finally. Darkness.

Some time later, Waking to the persistant slaps of the Medic Gil, Golbar found the Chimera in a bit of a mess, thankfully it was secure enough no massive damage was substained, but none the less it was wedged between two bulk heads.. Not that it mattered much, the ship lodged into one of the planets Hives at an angle, and the door out of the bay blocked off by the other one in the Pod. After making sure the squad was alrigh he moved to check on the other chimera, attempting to find if anyone was trapped in side, but with no answer casting shadows over that possibility. Helping take stock of the damaged equipment Golbar borrowed Gus’ Lascutter, burning his way into the wrecked vehicle though the damaged turret, finding all the troops inside dead. Taking the time he laid out the bodies with those of the crew who met an unfortinate end outside the vehicles giving them the emperors final rights and blessings before rigging up some scrap into a grappling hook to help the group get out of the pod through the tear..

Now stuck in the hive, and of course, its the one that had many gone silent, Golbar took lead with Gus and Tarn making their way down through the commercial district, Golbar taking a moment to attempt to hot wire one of the vehicles, though the strange pattern throwing him off he ended up scavanging a dolly to load the unconscious Steher to make it easier then carrying him, though it wasnt long before that was abandoned as the debris on the road slowed them down to much, and simply fashioned a Gurney to carry him on. The pace continued, a strange gibbering rising up from the surrounding area, though they couldnt find the source.. But not long before a single figure appeared in the road, Golbar demanding that it identify, and when it didnt, fired a shot off into its chest, followed by the Sergeant drilling it down with his Hotshot rifle.A quick search yielding the man to be just some random factory worker, but caked with blood and mess from.. Something. Regardless, they had o make their way to the ship below, and after the encounter with the traitors working with the Xenos on the ship, golbar was not willing to risk it on a strange twitchy man..

It wasnt much longer after that a small group appeared, strange and erratic as the first combat was first joined when the Sergeant fired a grenade into their midst, the people rushing with reckless abandon. The fight started in their favor, but very quickly the tide started to turn as more and more began to emerge from the buildings. The squad putting up a valient fight before a massive swarm, far more then they could hope to hold off, came charging like a horde of madmen. Battle wearing on even their crude weapons started to grind down the squad, scratches and nicks mounting to solid wounds. Things seemed over, golbar ready to use his last fire bomb to charge into the group of enemies and immolate them and himself.. When a new group arrived, these men dispatching a large portion of the horde with well placed frag grenades, and the rest of their men burning down the others with las fire. The second group finished off with a firebomb from Golbar, they still werent quick enough to save, the ratling Bengus, and the Medic Gils, fell to the onslaught of their enemies wearing them down..

The battle won, these new men demand the squad disarm themselves, not insane like the others, but untrusting, understandably, though the still allowed Golbar to give the fallen men Last Rites before leading them back to their base, containing them in a room letting them heal their wounds and answering questions before the need to rest finally overtook Golbar..

After explaining the situation outside, and learning some of what was happening inside the Hive, Golbar and the others that recovered began preparing to help the refuges gather supplies in exchange for help in making it lower into the hive to try and find a way back onto the ship. Luckily, this also included attacking the chaos traitors at one of their supply depots, which made things even better. The plan, setting up a distraction to draw off a portion of the enemy troops by firing off shots drawing their attention, and then detonating explosives set to vehicles around them as a trap, worked like a charm, drawing off a good portion of the enemy troops. At which point once they were to far to make it back quickly Tarn and Gus, set up on a building across from the area began snipping the enemy troops taking out the heavy weapons squads to distract while Golbar battered his way into the base, in an amazing maneuver, smashing the loaned rig into two traitors and one of their vehicles allowing the Gangs members to load out and join into combat while he drew fire from the heretics who noticed his grand enterance and took offense.

The battle was over quickly, and food, ammo, and survivors, including one poor troop who took a las bolt to the face, were loaded into the remaining vehicles as Golbar rigged several Krak grenades to the jammed trucks so anybody attempting to pry them apart would set them off in a grand explosion before they made their way back..

Returning with the supplies and captives the squad then set out to find a medi center to help the wounded Trooper Dack. Sent into the tempest rollers territory with a guide to help identify them. After a few tense moments the squad was saddled with another escort named Farnell, and eventually manages to get Dack started on treatment while they went to secure more medical supplies in exchange. Combing an indicated building they found the basement filled with chained up gibbers, and the back filled with supplies, and scavengers. Making a quick deal they arranged to transport the scavs food stuffs and other items to the cyanide tides territories.

Thinking the deal was clear they returned to the medi center and reclaimed the healing Trooper Dack. Unfortinately, Biff, the man they made the deal with, had heard from farnell about the deal with the scavs. A standoff started between Biff and Trooper Triton, nearly escalating to a shoot out before triton was quickly sedated, and negotiations began again, starting off with throwing farnell under the bus so fast it caused hydrogen fusion.

Biff pressed the group into his dirtywork, sending them to kill his superior so he could take over. Stripped of their arms and armor they were lead to the stanton where the man held control until Biffs men released them and cleared the way to the evidence room where their gear was stored.

Quickly sweeping the building Golbar managed to stumble upon the very man they sought and one of his guards. With Stehers help they quickly gunned down the pair and began their retreat.

Escaping to the basement Golbar lagged behind burning out the doors behind them to block pursuit. Getting to the basement the squad quickly shut down power to the building and began searching for the secret exit. Quickly making their way to cyanide tide territory.

Gathering what they could the squad moved out to the ships wreckage to re-equip and rearm. Sharp ears caught sound of movement in the ship, quick consultation of the uplifting primer allowed stilted communication finally letting the squad get orders and coordinates to head to. Returning to the tide the squad set out makingbtheir way to the ships access point, only to find it under seige by enemy forces.

A quick idea from Golbar, in range of the combeads they attempt to make contact with Command..

And Success! It worked! Reporting the situation to Command they were brought up to speed and given a new mission, the Enemy had an artillery group slowly moving into position to try and hammer Imperial forces, but due to the terrain and being boxed in were unable to get a location on, The special Taskforces Orders? Find this emplacement, report, and eliminate, with an additional objective to possibly take the equipment and hammer the enemy position opening it up for Command to roll out a Chimera group to take the second gun.

After several hours of recon they spotted the enemy position and radioed into command, Steher left on a building top midway to watch and report enemy movements to command, and act as a relay for the squads communications. Setting to plan they decided the best option was to blow the main ammo cache and then eliminate the remaining traitors, this made especially good by their lack of discipline having them leave the near by buildings abandoned for them to take cover, and generally slacking off.

Once the squad was ready, the ammo truck was hammered with heavy fire until it exploded, a massive fireball tearing apart the small position killing most of the traitor and flattening those that werent in the blast. Golbar, as he is want, ran to one of the civilian vehicles and hopped in beginning to hot wire while Trooper Tok jumped in the back, the others providing cover fire from their high up position on the roof. The battle went quickly, enemy troops being cut down by sniper fire while Golbar wheeled the truck and Tok into position to burn out the troops in cover. A close moment when Golbar in overconfidence wheeled the truck infront of the Cannon emplacement, and one of the enemy troops tried to fire it off, but Sniper cover fire quickly took care of him.

Sadly, the battle was not without casualties. The truck Golbar had hot-wired was shot up blowing out the back tires. Unable to move it out of position it was hammered to scrap by the cannons fire as the Special Unit, directed by Golbar fired off their ten shots managing to blow out well over the number needed to help the Regiment.

In short order The Armored Fist rolled out and captured the second emplacement, and dropped off an extra chimera for the unit to camp in until more could come to help, which was lucky as a horde of Gibbers swept the area, but were unable to attack the squad while in their armored vehicle. After some much needed rest, The Troops were returned to the Lander, and given a tired, but hearty welcome. As Melgovians.

Returned to the regiment the squad was introduced to their new psyker, a penal legionnaire who seemed alright, and rewarded a much needed day of R&R after doing some resupplying, Golbar taking the time to trade the powersword and some of the shotguns for a Melta gun for Tarn to help bring the squads fire power up, and settled in to start repairs on the plasma gun after collecting parts for it. With the return of the Glasund Chrom Golbar finally felt at ease with His Chimera again, decorating the seats of the fallen to honor their passings.

The next day given a new briefing and orders the squad shipped out to lay claim to support areas, namely the Stanton Prescients of the level to expand communications and attempt to collect supplies and allies for the Guard. It didnt take long before happening upon two groups, one smaller group of scavengers being approached by a larger group of unknowns who quickly fled at the approach of the chimera. Making contact the squad traded information for aid, offering to relay them information towards the Regiments temporary headquarters to help with labor in exchange for protection, which they accepted to take back to their leaders.

Continuing with their directions they arrived at the first Prescient, Tarn and Boot uickly taking up place on two watch towers over the main door while Golbar cut through the main gate before working their way inside. Approaching the main doors, the enemy sprung an attack, a horde of insane mad men rushing out with crude weapons and surrounding most the squad. A long and viscous fight ensued, two of the squad heavily injured in the initial ambush, and golbar taking some light injuries, though an enemy psyker managed to ensorcer Stern with some evil effect.

In the end, the squad stood victorious, the heretics cut down and the Stanton reclaimed. Golbar took the time while the others were getting treated to drag the bodies into a pile and burn them while preforming the rights and Psalms of condemnation on their souls casting them forever from the Emperors Light, and with The Psykers help, found the leaders staff to be some unholy object, having Sergeant Triton blast it with his Hellgun into the foul thing broke before beginning repairs on the relay and signaling to base to report and getting medical attention himself.

1.y Trooper Golbar Faroom

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