1.c Commisar Finnius Hetch

Senior Commissar 3-99th Melgovian Hell's Wrath


Commissar Hetch bears the mark of the Aquila on his left cheekbone signifying his attendance and successful completion of Schola Progenium training. He wears a Carapace breast plate under an Imposing black Trench Coat. A Commissars cap adorns his head and he is rarely seen not wearing it. Attached to his Red Waist Sash is a Chain; on the end of that chain is a Tome of rules and regulations that is so think it puts any Infantryman’s Primer to shame. guess-the-gaunt.jpg


Commisar Finnius Hetch (Senior Commissar 3-99th) is like other Commissars; devout in his faith to the Emperor, Stoic in all matters, and scornful of cowardice. That said he also knows that there is more to the moral of men than the fear that a bolt round hold. He is willing to encourage men so long as they are able to accept this as a proper motivation. Once their ability to be motivated disappears however; the Bolt Pistol is never long in its holster.

1.c Commisar Finnius Hetch

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