Night Of A Thousand Rebellions

Sins of the Spinward Front Episode 0.1

Session 1

99th Melgovian Composite’s History
The Melgovian 99th was mustered 376.995.M41 in response to the need for forces to prosecute war efforts in the Calixis Sector of Segmentum Obscurus.
While fighting these wars the Regiment along with many others faced numerous Xenos threats. Namely a race of blue skinned aliens wearing hardened armor and carrying advanced rifles. The troopers learned they were called the Tau and they earned a health respect and hatred for them. Additionally they struggled against the well know of but rarely encountered enemy…. the Tyranids. It was against this foul foe that the Regiment took its first staggering losses. At the Massacre of Herisor the Regiment took nearly 60% casualties in a botched Mechanized assault on an enemy. A great deal of of the Officer leadership was destroyed and the only Battalion to come away relatively unscathed was the Hell’s Wrath who had been on a rear detachment detail when the Massacre began.
Once events began to unfold the Hell’s Wrath men charged into action and mobilized in every troop carrier they could find. Rolling out the gates of the Imperial Compound at cruising speed they were able to make it to the scene of the Battle but too late to make any impact on the outcome. They were however in time to aid their brothers and sisters in arms. The addition of their Armor and iron will was enough to allow the rest of the Regiment to effectively prosecute a fighting withdrawal. Many other regiments were not so lucky. The 144th Fen Guard, 74th Melgovian, 933rd Melgovian, 438th Melgovian, and 92nd Drovar were decimated to the man. Horrible attrition and the weight of the dead left the Melgovian Regiment in dire need of men and time to refit. They were unable to receive additional troops from their Home World as the Conflict was being waged too far from home and their sister Regiments having been decimated. They found themselves alone as the only Melgovian souls in this Sector of the Galaxy.
This being the case the Departmento Munitorum assessed that the 532nd Cadian whose Regiment had been nearly destroyed in a separate battle would be meshed with the 99th Melgovian along with variety of other mismatched odds and sods from numerous devastated Regiments. The 532nd Cadian and other Regiments had been fighting for years and fought a glorious but losing defense of Barton’s Butte before being evacuated with less that 20% of their men. The Command dictated that there would be no segregation between men. This was to ensure adequate development of training protocols and Esprit de Corps. Upon arriving on the Troop Transport the 99th found awaiting them in formation a professional looking but miss matched group of men. Cadians stoic faces, Moridians standing tall in their pressed uniforms with spotless Lasguns, and Salvar Chemdog Scum. There were also at least half a dozen other Regiments and a good number of support personnel represented in the formation of replacements. There were problems at first by way of aggressive fist fight ending in some bruised pride and the occasional broken bone. The leadership knew that not only was this a necessary teething process but it took the mind of the troops off of the recent losses to both Regiments. The end result was a fledgling bond and a more effective battle group. The Regiment however was still only at 60% and hardly prepared for another fight. This made it shocking that they were within a month redeployed to yet another war zone. They boarded a troop transport with no idea of where they were going.
When they occupied their berthing compartments numerous Platoons walked i to a retched smell whose source became apparent very quickly. There appeared to be a contingent of Orgryn Auxilia on board. It was not until a Munitorum Adept spoke to the Regimental Commander that it became clear that these abhumans were in fact to become a part of the Regiment as well. This news was taken in a variety of ways. Mostly approval but with some trepidation. One thing that was different from this pairing however is that there were no unruly fist fights as part of the teething process.
With three days left in their journey the word was passed that they had been en route to Kulth; the Capitol world of the Periphery sub sector and scene of a massive stalemate between the Invading Ork Hordes and the original opponents of the Spinward from; the Dominate and the Imperium. The Regiment never made it the Kulth however and was instructed to prepare to make planet fall on Virbius; a quasi feral world that had only recently been released from the confines of a warp storm; making contact possible. Unfortunately the Dominate forces have also occupied the world and the Imperium though having drastically superior numbers has been unable to shift the situation from anything other than an embarrassing stalemate. The 99th has been tasked with reinforcing the local forces on location and to do whatever is necessary to break the stalemate. The Regimental commander was informed that he can expect for the remaining forces set aside from him to absorb have been prepositioned on location and are awaiting the 99ths arrival.
It took days but the Officers gathered a Roster and divided up the men in the the best fashion that they could manage with such a large variety of cultures and fighting doctrines. 3-99 received the fewest replacements yet they still had their share. The new bodies brought the Regimental strength up to nearly 70%. This was not the preferable number to step into a conflict but it would have to be sufficient….
Corporal Tok, Corporal Volkgeir, Private Faroom, and Psyker Hessman are introduced to their new Squad mates; a salty old Mechanized trooper with some unfortunate cybernetic enhancements, his slow but loyal counterpart, a randy Ratling, and a quiet man who appears to be their Medic. They meet up while in a Imperial Navy Troop Transport as they are introduced to the new and glorious leader Leiutenant Neflan Sark. Lt Sark is at best described as an unimpressive man who believes that he is imposing. Thier deployment is cut short and they find themselves redirected to a new war front on Virbius.
Once they arrive they are addressed by Commissar Hetch and Sergeant Major Alexander where they are informed they will be sliced off to work with Colonel Garn of the 37th Maccabian Janissaries. Once they arrive at their operational outpost they are informed that their mission will be to locate and kill or capture the Severan Dominate General Harvax Scarus. While occupying their allotted section of the outpost where they have been sequestered off to by the Jannissaries whom seem to hold them in contempt they meet Lorak Son of Kulk, and Lightning Hearted Karth; two local warbike riders who are friendly to the Imperial cause and have been serving as scouts for the Jannissaries.
The Half-Life Guardsman Goldbar was able to arrange for the party to get a Chimera APC which has vastly increased the elements chances of accomplishing their mission. The PCs slept a good night’s sleep in preparation for their mission and in the morning are awoken to the smell of fresh recaff being served by Sergeant Major Alexander who is ready to send them off…Know-Your-Enemies---Severan-Dominate.png





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