Night Of A Thousand Rebellions

Return to the Hellions


Un Frakked and Stuff

Long Story Short. With Sergeant Doyle dead and Sergeant Triton incapacitated by Trooper Medic Taylor; a more meaningful conversation was able to commence with Biff. In the end Biff wanted to take move up the ranks in his Gang and saw the opportunity to make that happen with the Guardsmen. Biff would “Capture” the IG and place them in what served as the local Detention area. It was an old Stanton (local Police) precinct building. This building also happened to be the most secure and fortified with in the confines of the Shanty Town and as such was Generally the residence of Jacque Crendan the towns Gang Boss. Biff would have to confiscate Equipment, Armor, and all but the most concealable of weapons but gave his word that he would ensure that the Cell they were kept in would find itself unlocked and unobserved in the hours to come and that the “Evidence” room would be in a like state. As the Guardsmen were locked up along with little LiLu they noticed in the cell next to the the covered, shivering, and barely recognizable form of Farnell. What they did not see was that Farnell’s tongue had been ripped from his mouth as a way for Biff to save face while Farnell unjustly took a large portion of the public blame for the Actions of the Players.

Long Story Short. Players Escape, Get back only their least valuable Gear (the rest had been confiscated by the Gangers who were charged with storing it) and made their Way to Kill Jacque. They were successful in tie mission with the only two noticeable mishaps being Lilu nearly expiring and only surviving due to the tender Ministrations of Doc Taylor and Corporal Tarn who thought it a wise decision to walk into the middle of a group of enemies and to drop two Frag grenades at his feet. He was not wrong in that it was a good idea to kill the bad guys but he was sorely mistaken in the thickness of his Carapace Armor. The Guardsmen were able to make their escape through what served at the Stanton Fortresses Subterranean Sally Port and though they were followed and there were a number of close encounters they made their way back to Cyanide Tide territory and safety.

After a couple of days recuperating and restocking as best as possible the team went back to the Lander and raided it for their Cached gear to replace what they had lost in the Encounter with the Tempest Rollers. Most of their Gear was recovered but some would remain sorely missed. The following day as promised the Cyanide Tide gang allocated them a guide who over the Course of a week led them to the presumed location of the Crashed Lander’s nose/Exit. The only eventful instance along the way being the “chance” encounter observation of what appeared to be a Low Tech Hivers following them, who disappeared into the Urban Jungle as soon as he knew he had been seen.

The Following Day the Team breached the level they were destined for and found what they were looking for. The Lander and obvious signs of friendly life. Unfortunately the reason that it was obvious was that from their Vantage point near the Hive Levels Ceiling they could see the 99th Melgovian set into a desperate Defense against hundreds of Tuefel Faulen who had Armored Vehicles and seemingly Indirect Fire support. The scene was grim and no one knew what to do, until someone (sorry I cant recall who) knew the best course of action would be to try to contact the Regiment over the Microbeads and hope that from this level and without the intervening Bulk of the Hive that they would be able to make contact.

Ummmmmmm, What? How do we do this?

Ohhhhhhhh Buddy…!!!!!!! So it’s been a bit too long since I kept up this Journal but you were all there right…..? You remember what happened. You know with the Dack getting his face melted off and making away into the night with the Teufel Faulens goods and some new Comrades to boot. Then you needed to find a Doctor in this run down post apocalyptic Hive so that Dack wouldn’t be quite so ugly after you Trooper Medic Taylor picked up his face, blew off the dust bunnies and tried to reattach it.

Well I am sure you guys remember running into Ol’ Goliath and his Sub Farnell, only to be let to Junker City. That “Shanty” town run by the Tempest Rollers Gang. And surely you’ll remember good old Biff who offered so kindly to help you with getting medical attention for Dack if you would only be so kind as to go out and raid a warehouse for medical supplies. Fortunately for you guys the Gibbering Mob who had (been) accumulated at the warehouse were being used as barely Human Sentry Dogs by the local Scavs. The Scavs of course were more than happy to give you what you wanted if you helped them smuggle the remaining goods out of the Tempest Roller turf and back to the Cyanide Tide. How were you to know that for an as of yet not understood reason no one seems to like the Scavs….. even the people “profiting” from their endeavors. Seems curious to me… but then again I am a suspicious fella.

I also remember that after all seemed well someone(s) just had to take the joke a bit too far and push the Submissive beyond his tolerance……. I am not naming any names but…. “Deliverance”!!!! To be fair old Baldy McWild Wheels was more than a bit to blame for that as well. It all would have been great and you pesky kids would have gotten away with everything you wanted if not for that damn Farnell Character. Unfortunately for you he went and told on you to Biff and Biff decided to put you in the rather uncomfortable position of becoming prisoners or dying……. To which Sergeant Triton said “Fuck that shit yo! I’m gonna waste you like a Womp Rat back in Beggsar’s Canyon!” This enthusiastic declaration made the rest of the Party almost literally have a heart attack and shit themselves… Well it did in fact literally kill one member. Sergeant Gus Doyle was so taken aback by the excitement that a small blood clot worked its way lose from the still healing leg wound he had suffered some months earlier to a Dark Eldar weapon. Sadly this Blood Clot worked its way to Sergeant Doyle’s cranium where it was responsible for the ensuing Stroke that he suffered. Lacking the medical facilities and time Sergeant Doyle expired…… thus dying and shitting himself as a result of the excitement.

The Cyanide Tide

Within 24 hours of the teams detainment their room door is opened and a man is escorted into the room by two large Gangers. A table and Chair are placed in the room and while the two large men take up positions just behind their charge the individual sits down at the table and Addresses the STP. Kerban Fent sits before them and is the Benevolent Patriarch of the Cyanide Tide Gang of Hive Barock. Kerban Fent is a Grey Man and looks like any Imperial Citizen you would see on the street. He is 5’9 and medium build wearing normal clothing and appears unarmed. His demeanor is helpful but he always seeks an angle and to receive more than he gives. Though he is a criminal he is an Emperor Fearing criminal and will fight the ruinous powers with all of his ability. He chose to capitalize on his gangs specialties and utilize covert actions, stealth, and assassination to assist in the war efforts. Fent addresses the party curtiously and wants to know what they are doing there. Fent seems to not have known that the IMperial Guard has made planet fall and the STP was his first indication. Through a series of misunderstandings and information gathering the STP is able to determine that the Hive fell to an internal uprising of a wide spread Chaos Coven some 6 months ago. Fent is relieved that the Imperial Guard is here and is willing to assist in any reasonable way. The STP asks for an escort and guide to their destination and hopeful rendezvous with the remaining Emperors’s Bastards and Fent agrees to privde such assistance as he may. Though he says that in order for him to assist the Team he would need thie help in acquiring supplies that in additions to being necessary for the survival of his gang would allow him the resources to assist the Guardsmen. The STP agrees to help and formulates a plan to raid a local Teufel Faulen (Devils Rot) are all members of the prior PDF and their bodies have begun to rot underneath their Flak armor. They have the horrendous stench of rotting meat about them and are largely unable to be stealthy due to it. The are used as shock troops and though they are slow and bodies relatively frail they feel no pain and are nearly fearless.) checkpoint. Nearly a week as passed before the raid is conducted but it goes off as planned. A distraction is made which draws a good number of the checkpoint guards away, Sergeant Doyle and Corporal Tarn take up positions to sharpshoot the heavy weapons, and Trooper Golbar in his usual enthusiastic manner drives a supply truck full of Gangers Head long into the encampment where he crushed two enemy between his rolling death wagon and a stationary vehicle. All shortly becomes chaos after this as The Sharpshooters pick off trooper after trooper, the Gangers jump from the back of the truck to engage the enemy, Golbar fires his Combat Shotgun wildly from the inside of the now disabled Supply Truck, and The newly found Captive from the 3-99th take the opportunity to capitalize on the distraction and escape their confinement. The captives are able to make their way to a room where they believe their belongings to be and rifle though the supplies looking for anything that will allow them to defend themselves. One of the Guardsmen who appears to be an ancient trooper with the kind of demeanor that belies a certain aged insanity luckily finds his equipment and quickly dons it just in time to begin blasting away at every enemy shadow that darkens the rooms door. Sergeant Triton finds a Lasgun and joins that efforts of the wacky old coot in tearing down the enemy that pursue them. This all seems to be going well until one of their compatriots turns to look at the doorway while searching for his gear and is surprised to see the muzzle of a Lasgun bearing down on him. He opens his mouth in shock just as the Lasgun emits a devastating bust of rounds that stitch up his body. The last of which searing the flesh of his face and blinding him. The wounds are so extensive that he goes into unconsciousness immediately; the interior of the room smelling of charred meat and ozone. The fortune of this event was only to be fond in the presence of Trooper Medic John Taylor who was able to immediately rush to the aid of the downed man and stabilize him as Sergeant Triton tore down the remaining foe. With the enemy who were present defeated the team quickly consolidated their resources, collected what assets they could, and departed before any enemy reinforcements could arrive……

Out of the "Frying Pan" and into the "What the Fuck is this shit?"

OK, so the last entry was’t as "brief as I thought it would be. These next couple should be…. hopefully.

The STP awakens inside their Chimera where they had been strapped in as the Arson lander departed the Dirge. The interior was an absolute mess as personal items, weapons, and vehicle components were strewn about everywhere. One by one the team regained consciousness except for Corporal Steher who appeared to have taken an extremely bad blow to the head and had obviously suffered a concussion as his pupils were dilating at non matching diameters, his heartbeat was irregular, and his head began to swell. When they exited the Chimera the discovered that the lander was sitting stationary within gravity but at an odd angle, with the nose of the craft angled downward at a more than precarious angle. The lander was obviously damaged to an extreme as a large hole in the Hull could be seen and the Chimeras that had been held in the section had been thrown about like rag dolls and were now either jammed in between bulkhead exits of embedded in the walls of the superstructure. The STP had no choice but to utilize the large hole to make their escape. Upon existing the found that the Lander was embedded in what appears to be a Hive. The Team would not put things together entirely until later but what had occurred outside of their purview was the Pride had engaged its Warp engine as planned, The Dirge had been severely Damaged as a result. Though not completely destroyed the Hulk broke into dozens and dozens of fractured and sputtering structures. The Force of the rendering had been so great that on of these structures had struck the Lander a glancing blow. But being struck a glancing blow by what was still by comparison a city sized object was more than enough to knock the lander off course and to Damage its systems. The Naval Pilot were able to maintain a semblance of control and attempted to guide the Lander toward the last known location of the remaining Army Group that was planet side.The efforts were questionably successful. The Pilots were able to get the Lander aimed at the proper General area but the Lander was still badly damaged and impossible to control properly and so rather than making planet fall at the Army Group location the Arson made what would have been from an antagonistic point of view a comical “nose dive” into the Hive itself driving head first through layer after layer of the Hive like a Massive bullet into an even more massive beast. As the Lander tore its way into the Structure the Command deck where the crew and Pilots was shorn from the rest of the structure and the hull was irreparably damaged.

The STP made their way to the first level they could find which was a short distance above their current perch. With only a few stumbles and light injury the team was able to make it safely to level ground. The level was not just surprisingly deserted for a Hive but in fact appeared to be devoid of any life. The streets were full of refuse, abandoned vehicles, and the sporadic signs of fighting. Though the fighting could have simply been gang conflicts. A makeshift litter was constructed to transport the Injured Corporal and the team began to make their way as best they could down the lane in an attempt to find assistance or to find a Lift that would allow them to seek the nose of the Lander where they presumed that any other survivors may be.

Along the route they began to here an odd sound that could only be describes ad clicking or “gibbering”. The source was not readily apparent but shortly became obvious. After the team shot and killed a strange man who was dressed in nothing more than torn clothing and staring at them from the sidewalk, who was also emitting the “gibbering” noise there appeared dozens more like him. The team was assaulted by wave after wave of these nearly mindless but violent people. Their actions seem to not be led by any sense other than to cause violence on those not like them. The team layed into the enemy with every asset they possessed and though laying many of them down were not able to keep up with the massed attack and were shortly over come and struggled in hand to hand combat. The men were within seconds of being brought down in their entirety when on the high ground to the groups right a large number of armed men appeared and began to open fire on the mob of attackers. This final act saved what remained of the STP though there were losses. The Medic Trooper Gil Messick was beaten well beyond dead and his face was unrecognizable in the end, Trooper Benge Figgus the Ratling Sniper had bravely but in the end foolishly come to the aid of a team mate and engaged a group of the mob in hand to hand. The result was Trooper Figgus being disemboweled and literally torn limb from limb. corporal Steher survived by a miracle of the Emperor and the fortune of having still been wearing his Carapace Armor. He had unconsciously endure what could be described as the “curb stomping of the millenia” and barely survived.

They rescuers ordered the team to surrender their arms. They did so and were bound, hooded, and led to a structure where they were placed into confinement. Trooper Golbar requested access to the remains of their team mates so he could conduct the Rite of the Emperor’s Benediction and the men guarding them seemed surprisingly friendly to the idea and allowed it (under guard of course). They found that they were being held by a Hive Gang called the Cyanide Tide and were awaiting the arrival of the Gang Leader one Kerban Fent……..

Exit the Hulk

WAY LATE Entry so the next few will be a brief synopsis. Ill make sure to keep up with the logging of the story more often.

The STP boards a Shark Assault boat Along with Runepriest Kreth Gren and is attached for technical support. The team makes their way to the predetermined Landing Point; a Massive bay that is exposed to the exterior of the Hulk. The Bay is exposed to Vacuum and so the Party is forced to stay in the Chimera for the time being. As they slowly rumble their way off of the Assault craft they see that the open space of the Zero G bay is absolutely filled with desiccated remains. The dried husks that compose the remains seems to be nearly entirely that of Orks but there are a few sporadic Human remains amongst the thousands of floating corpses. There appears to have been a large conflict here at some indeterminate time in the past where seemingly the combatants were exposed to the rigors of hard vacuum and perished. Though the debris in the air makes navigation difficult the party is able to make to discover what they believe to be the Bays control tower. It is a large structure that spans nearly the breadth of the Bay along the ceiling giving it a commanding view of the area, with a long switchback staircase leading from the ground floor to the top. The STP is faced with the additional problem now that only Sergeant Gus Doyle is equipped for any exposure to vacuum and for him to enter the Bay he must expose the interior of the Chimera to depressurization. Lacking any other options Sergeant Doyle exits the vehicle quickly to reduce the exposure to the remaining team. Most of the crew are knocked unconscious or endure the otherwise “unpleasant” side effects of vacuum exposure. Though all the crew survive they are shaken for the experience. Runepriest Gren is able to assist Sergeant Doyle in establishing power to the Bay’s atmospherics generators and shielding. This allows the Bay to be pressurized and in a short time it is suitable for unaided exposure, save the dust of thousands of ancient bodies now filling the air. Once contact with the Litany of Woe is established the remainder of the Emperors Bastards make their way on the Arson Lander to the Bay where they debark and follow orders to secure a wide perimeter around the bay. The leadership of the 3-99th is taking no chances with what may lurk in Pandora’s Dirge.

When the area is secured the STP is instructed to make their way toward the last known location of Commodore Captain Rikt. The depart immediately. Soon after departure they enter a large room that is largely in ruin. Near the back of the room they see a light being emitted from the inside of what looks to be a roughly spherical shaped structure built into the rear wall. The structure is notable not only for being the only source off light but also for being obviously newer than the rest of the room. Movement and noise can be heard from inside the sphere and the team under the Leadership of Sergeant Doyle take up position to enter the structure. Trooper Golbar using his expert technician skills is able to finesse his way through what appears to be an alien door lock and opens the entry. As Sergeant Doyle and Corporal Tarn make entry they see what looks like a large but slender Ape like creature that is nude with the exception so what appears to be technological devices attached to its body. Sergeant Doyle makes that decision to hold fire and after long deliberation and an extreme language barrier they find that the creature is willing to follow them and appears to not be a threat. They will later find out that this creature is a Jokero and when all is said and done Mhk’Merthka’Rinn the Jokero finds comfortable employment in the services of the Captain Commodore.

The STP spends days travelling and endures additional exposure to Vacuum, hostile Aliens (whom were utterly obliterated by the automatic weapons fire of Corporal Steher), and more than a few oddities but in the end they come upon a small group of injured Human beings. Mostly female and the elderly. They speak with the unarmed people and find out that according to them the Commodore Captain and his band attacked them mercilessly and murdered much of their family who had been stranded upon the Dirge and were eaking out a tentative existence. The woman to whom they are speaking offers to take them to meet with he Father. When all pans out they fond that the Commodore Captain and the few remaining of his team here badly injured, low on ammunition, and trapped in a dead end room by the civilians. While it was true the the Commodore Captain had murdered many of the people he encountered he had in fact done so with a purpose. These people were in fact a Genestealer cult that had dozens of generations of hybrids bred and raised. To make matters worse, through some unknown source the Cult had been exposed to some form of infections and appeared to be heavily plagued. Many of them appeared to be healthy but others had bore the marks of the disease with boils growing and bursting, their flesh slowly seeping away from their muscles, and an air of putrid taint about them. The cult was attacked by the STP and those who did not run were slain quickly. Contact was made with with Commodore Captain who was himself injured. It was decided that the STP would continue the mission while the Captains party returned to the Arson Lander.

The part was able to make their way to the Pride of Kezath but it shortly became obvious they those remaining members of the Cult appeared to be much larger in number that first assumed and also appeared to be shadowing them along their route. The STP was able to make their way to the Bridge of the Pride of Kezath with little incident and with the assistance of Trooper Golbar and Runepriest Gren able to ensure that the warp drive would engage in 1 weeks time. This gave the team the enormous task of attempting to return to the Arson Lander in less than a week and while being harassed by the enemies who were following them. In the end the team was not able to make their way to the lander and were pinned down and trapped by Genestealers and Hybrids blocking all known paths. Their only remaining option was extremely dangerous but it was decided that they would contact the Litany of Woe and request her to fire her weapons at two separate locations on the Dirge. One to open an access to the exterior of the Hull that the team could exit and another for them to re-enter that was closer to their objective. Not only was there the real danger of the weapons fire itself killing them but the nearly unaided exposure to vacuum would very likely be lethal to anyone without a Vac suit. The only boon the possessed was this time they had portable oxygen bottles with them but this would only minutely detract from the harm that they faced. With the final word the Woe fired and the team was able to make their way across the area largely with the expert efforts of Sergeant Doyle. The STP arrived back at the lander within an hour of the Pride’s Warp Drive going active. They boarded the Lander along with the rest of the Regiment and it departed immediately.

As the Lander screamed away from the Dirge they became shortly aware that they Pride must have gone to Warp as their world seemed to turn upside down and the Lander shook with a vigor that seemed to reach their very soul. Then all went black.

Enter the Hulk 1.0.1

On the third day into the voyage the Sergeant Major tasked the STP with conducting Zero G training in the training bay. The STP squares off against a Squad from 1st Platoon who have three Heavy Stubber armed servitors in support of them. The team enters the bay and the gravity inducers are suddenly turned off while the signal to begin is given. The Beastmen charge forward with a roar and immediately enter melee with the shocked squad from 1st Platoon. Through the course of the skirmish the Beastmen lose more than half of their numbers but they are able to not only take just as many opponents with them but they are able to keep the squad engaged at their Human counterparts maneuver ahead. While most of the Beastmen made it into the fray two of them seem to have had a hoof slip or an error in judgement when pushing off because like Psyker Luther Hessman, they proceeded to bounce themselves off of the floor and to fly wildly out of control before gaining control of their movements and engaging the enemy. Sergeant Doyle and Corporal Tarn Volkgeir are able to push off and head for cover on the “ceiling” where they can take up firing positions on exposed enemies. Trooper Faroom charges forward with uncanny precision and aptitude in such an environment while Corporal Steher finds his way to a support by fire position and begins to pin down the enemy. The Servitors and a few wayward enemy who were floating helplessly through the air were the first to fall to the devastating fire delivered by the STP. Quite quickly all things considered the enemy fell one by one until the Sergeant Major called an end the the exercise. Declaring his fledgling team the victors. Sergeant Doyle decides that he needs to gain a bit more information if he is to properly lead his team and after giving his team instruction on how to proceed with training, follows the Sergeant Major to receive a briefing on what little is known about their destination.

The following days are full of yet more training. To include Urban Combat and lowlight engagements. IN these environments the Beastmen truly shine and are seen by the peers as a fine asset that needs little support in that particular mission set other than to ensure they are left alone to WRECK FACE! After a full week passes on ship the STP is summoned by Lt Sark and tasked with clearance of section PQF-34RTF-56trys.54 of the Hull. They are told that there is some form of critter that is becoming a nuisance and harassing the crew. With little more information the team grabs their lamp packs and heads off in two teams. One led by Corporal Steher and the other By Sergeant Doyle. Both teams have some difficulty finding their clearance routes without becoming lost. After spotting a critter Sergeant Doyle engages the beast and downs it with a bust of Hellgun rounds to the back as the fiend attempted to flee the party. With shortly after this engagement Sergeant Doyle and Corporal Volgeir along with their Beastmen counterparts are able to make it to what looks like the turnaround point of their patrol area. It seems to be a waste water treatment station or part of one at least. The air is heavy with humidity and the smell of mold. It is dark and the troops can feel the damp fetid air seep into their clothing and hair. Shortly after entering the processing station the team is engaged by a small group of the same beast that Sergeant Doyle had downed earlier. The Sergeant wisely shouts over comms channels that they are in contact and it is with this announcement that the team led by Corporal Steher and containing Trooper Faroom are able to find their way to the scene. Before they arrive however the team begins to drop the enemy who though seemingly tough are easily enough knocked out of the fight. Sadly there are too many to be dispatched before they enter melee with the short numbered team. Moments after the Melee begins Corporal Steher and Trooper Faroom with Beastmen in trail enter the scene and rush to the aid of their fellow Platoon members. As the fresh troops arrive it becomes clear that the initial enemy were nothing more than the tip of the iceberg as a veritable horde of the beasts come charging out of the room to the rear. In what was nothing less than an astonishing feat of combat prowess the Beastmen lay into the horde with Flamer and Frag. Their actions absolutely decimate the enemy. Those few who survive are rush forward only to be torn down by shotgun rounds and bludgeon. While the Beastmen are engaged the remaining beasts continue to press the Troopers. It looks like there will be a swift victory until with a guttural howl three enormous humanoid figures emerge smelling of rotting and stale body. As they charge ahead they land a crippling blow against Corporal Volgeir. He is staggered and direly injured but able to shrug off its effects while filled with the need to destroy his enemy and help his squadmates. Trooper Faroom suffers a similar strike and begins to lay round after round from his shotgun into the disgusting chest of his enemy. Sergeant Doyle is for the briefest moment unsure of the team’s chances and thinks to call for them to fallback but quickly decides better of it and commits to the fray maying devastating bursts from his Hellgun into the enemy. The turning point of the battle came when Psyker Hessman released a blast of energy from his mind that shocked his allies as much as his opponents. With a blast emitting from his body the Psykers body burst into light and flew directly up smashing off the ceiling before falling to the floor but not before the viscous force of his unfettered attack tore through the bodies of his enemy. The blast was so strong that it blew one monster apart and knocked the other to the ground. The grotesque beast that had fallen to the ground was finished off by a bust of automatic fire initiated by Corporal Steher and his Heavy Stubber that hit with such force that it pushed the enemies body across the floor like a power washing pushing leaves. With that the team was able to finish off the remaining foes with ease and returned with their battered and broken to The Hole. Once they arrived they ensured that their wounded brethren were taken to the aid station and they took a well earned reprieve.

After a week the Litany of Woe Drops out of Warp and everyone is happy for it. With fewer nightmares and better sleep the wounded are able to make a steadier recovery. Three days out of warp no word has be heard and rumors begin to circulate the Asterion was swallowed by a rift in the Warp, or that you were thrown off course and are now hopelessly lost in an unknown area of space with no sign of the Astronomicon. With part of the team still convalescing the others are summoned to be the Personal Security Detail for Colonel Marn who has been asked to the attend a briefing on the bridge.

The Team takes position behind the Colonel and are eyes with a wary if curious glance by the House Guard. Captain Herk begins to speak. “Colonel thank you for your presence. Please allow me to introduce those you see before you.”

-Magos Gerkin Balrooth Mechanicus Explorator
Magos Balroooth stands at 5’10 and has a medium build. He wears red robes trimmed in gold to denote his rank within Mechanicus and blue to denote his position as an Explorator that cover every section of his body from sight with the exception of his face; The Magos bows his head in acknowledgement

-Captain Fennel Beck
Capt Beck is 6’0 and has a large athletic build. His left eye has been replaced by an augment as has his left arm. He wears Storm Trooper Carapace and carries a Power Sword and Plasma pistol; Colonel, I hope that you are settling in and that your troopers can behave themselves

-Seneschal Sipline Karr is a tall lithe woman of 6’2 who wears impressive formal attire at all times and whose appearance is immaculate. She possesses a fragrance that is pleasant to anyone ear her but smells different to each person.

-Captain Herk Seems to skip a spindly 6’5 with mottled green skin can be seen where it appears near the cuff of his robes sleeve. The rest of his body is shrouded by a dark Grey Cloak. He stands near the Commodore.

-A man who wears Full Carapace with Inquisitorial regalia and a black Hooded Cloak.

-I am Captain Herk the Void Master
Captain Herk is stands 5’10 and wears the modified regalia of an Imperial Naval Officer.

-Commodore Captain Fin Rikt I presume you are familiar with. The Colonel grins and says “We are my dear Captain, but there is always so much more to learn. Come Colonel your insight on this devious quandary would be welcome. Captain Herk if you would be so kind as to refresh us all on current events.”

“Captain Herk nods and approaches the Table carrying a glowing Dataslate. He begins to speak " As we entered the Asterion system with the rest of the Naval Flotilla a Space Hulk was detected heading toward Asterion and the Litany was sent to investigate while the remainder of the fleet progressed to Asterion. The Flotilla reached Asterion with no problems and was still unsuccessful in contacting the surface. It was presumed that the Dominate forces were still in control of communications. General Corball made the decision to commence Planetfall. The first Wave of Arson Landers were launched carrying with them nearly half a million men and arms. The first wave landed unopposed just outside the Hive Barock and began preparations to assault the Hive while awaiting the second Wave of lander’s. Just prior to the launch of the second wave the Flotilla received communique about the presence of Ork Roks on the warp ways outlying Kulth which have put our front on that crucial planet at risk. The majority of the fleet was called away to respond to the emerging threat leaving only a single Destroyer to maintain watch over the planet. The flotilla did not however depart without launching the second wave of Landers. While en route tragedy struck as they made planet fall. As the second wave made decent through the upper atmosphere many Landers lost control entirely and were lost on impact. The cause of this tragedy is not yet known. Communications with the Destroyer have ceased and she appears to be adrift. Nothing else is known at this time.
We have approached the Hulk and our fears seem to not be in vain. The Hulk dwarfs the Litany of Woe by many orders of magnitude. Scans were initiated and the great libraries were consulted. It was surmised that this enormous monstrosity was none other than the infamous Space Hulk “Pandora`s Dirge”. The Dirge has existed for many millenia and where ever it appears tragedy strikes. It has received its name because the cause of tragedy is rarely if ever the same.

On Pelthos IV the Dirge appeared in system and the Star Pelthos began to sputter turning the face of Pelthos IV into a wasteland. At the Jelrenian Gate the Dirge was detected and in its wake the people of Jelren went seemingly mad only to turn on one another leaving the streets red with their brothers blood as they turned on one another in a bought of blood thirsty rage. During the Battle of Fell Bask the Dirge barreled through the Nishtor system; after its passing Imperial forces were destroyed entirely. No on is sure yet what occurred other than the Ork forces with whom the Imperial Forces had been engaged with seemed to over run what appeared to be undefended lines. No location that Pandora’s Dirge has appeared has not felt its terrible chaotic wrath. The Commodore feels there is a unique opportunity to perhaps disable or destroy the Dirge before it can unleash who knows what hell on Asterion.

To this end the presence of what appeared to be a relatively new addition to the Hulks Mass was detected. Amongst the twisted husks of ships that composed Pandora’s Dirge were the remains of “The Pride of Kezath” an Imperial Cruiser thought lost more than a millenia ago. Unlike many of the vessels that made up the Dirge; though damaged and twisted the Pride seems to not only have been nearly enveloped by the super structure but to remain at least nominally operable as its engines light and extinguished with a sporadic rhythm, kept alive these long years by an unknown force. Magos Balrooth would you please describe the import of this?"

The Magos approaches the table and in what sounds like a clipped version of High Gothic begins to explain “The weapons of the Litany of Woe are in no way adequate to defeat this threat. Pandora’s Dirge is far too large for us to make an impact directly. However with the detection of the Pride of Kezath we are offered an option. If the Pride still has functional Warp Engines it may be possible for us to activate them. The subsequent warp transit could cause enough damage internally that the Dirge will fracture and break apart.”

Captain Herk allows a moment to pass then continues “Due to structural instabilities there is no safe landing near the Pride so any boarding is expected to take some time. Current projections indicate that the Hulk will pass near Asterion in one week though the trajectory and speed of the Hulk are not stable and it seems to be be directed by an unknown hand. The Commodore – Captain will go aboard with a large contingent of his House Guard, activate the Prides Warp Drive and return within the week. Midshipman please display the clock”. “Aye Sir” responds a mousy looking man in his early 20s. After swiftly pressing a handful of buttons a display near the table illustrates a countdown set at 7 days, 10 hours, 43 minutes. You hear the Colonel whisper to himself “The Doom Clock.”

You see the man dressed in Inquisitorial Garb step forward “Have a care Commodore Captain. It was not by chance alone that you find me in your presence. For months the Emperor’s Tarot have warned me of this event. Though I cannot say what for certain; there is more at work here than we now see. I suspect we shall have larger issues than simply to deal with the presence of a Hulk.”

“Fear not Inquisitor Yeirborne. I will take Captain Fennel and more than enough of my House Guard to deal with any threat. Besides if I fail I know some bastards who may just have a way to earn their first meal.” The Commodore says with a glance and a Lion like grin at the Colonel. “I will depart tomorrow and keep you informed with reports where able. Captain please see to it that the House Guard are prepared and that the Colonel is kept abreast of the situation. Magos if you could escort me to provide some of your technical expertise I would appreciate it. Seneschal Karr and Captain Herk; as usual please see to it that he Litany continues to run and is still here when I return. Inquisitor Yeirborne, if you would be so kind as to indulge me with your presence.” With that the Commodore nods to the party and departs with the Inquisitor.

Three days pass and early in the morning across the PA mounted in the Hole comes a squelchy break followed by a gravelly voice saying “Attention, attention. All Imperial Guardsman of the 99th are to form up by Battalion with all combat equipment. I say again. All Guardsman of the 99th are to form up by Battalion with assigned combat equipment.” The bay becomes a mad dash as Guardsman jump out their racks and and scramble to get into uniform while gathering their equipment. You see Commissar Hetch stand in the doorway casting a critical glance at each man before stepping away without a word. Presumably he was satisfied with the Platoons motivation. You rush your way outside into the small space available and see Lt Sark standing where you expect him looking haphazard and struggling a bit with a belt. After forming up you stand silently for nearly 30 minutes. After that time Captain Jeshrack appears with the rest of the Company commanders and walked before you and your fellow Hellions. She addresses you “Guardsman. Shortly you will be mobilized. We will embark on the Arson Lander found on Docking level 4A4. You will be prepared to debark on to another space borne vessel to preform defensive tactics until such time as the entire regiment can be formed. Be ready to move out in 3 hours. You will receive further details that pertain to you as they become avaiable. The Regimental STP are to fall out immediately after this and link up with the SGM. Platoon leaders take charge of your Platoons and see that they are ready for embarkation.” With that you fall out and see Lt Sark struggle to interact with your platoon.

The STP is summoned to meet with the SGM yet again and are assigned to once more escort the Colonel. They gather around the same table you did previously. This feels like deja vu except there are fewer bodies surrounding the table as you cannot see Captain Fennel Beck, Commodore Captain Rikt, or the tall individual wearing the hooded cloak. Master Herk again stands at the head of the table the “Doom Clock” ominously desplayed over his head reading 4 Days 20 Hours 33 minutes. He speaks once all eyes are on him “You have all been gathered to be made aware of the situation in detail. The Commodore Captain as you know departed nearly three days ago with Captain Beck. They have not been heard from in 24 hours and given the gravity of the scenario we must behave as if their mission is lost. As acting Captain of the Litany of Woe I am activating the 99th and charging Colonel Marn with the completion of the Commodore Captains task as well as determining the fate of the Commodore Captain if possible. As you can see as he glances up at the clock time is not our largest commodity. The 99th will infiltrate Pandora’s Dirge via one of three possible functioning landing bays we have identified that yet may function. Due to the size of the Arson Lander and subsequent size needed to land you are some distance from the Pride of Kezath. Colonel Marn you and your command have full access to intelligence and we will accommodate your planning in any way necessary. My recommendation would be to infiltrate three elements along with a Techpriest provided by us via Shark Assault Boat. Once reconnaissance is completed and a functional bay discovered the Arson Lander will be launched and the Regiment will depart. You must leave within the hour.”

Enter the Hulk 1.0
Welcome to the Special Troops Platoon

Our intrepid heroes return from the Jannissarry camp by means of ole Betsy. When they arrive at Theater Base Alpha they see that the entire Army Group seems to be packing up to leave. They find the 99th Cantonment area and notice that it wasn’t just they who had run ins with the Adeptus Ministorum as there seem to be priests everywhere keeping a close eye. After swiftly packing up their gear and receiving a sincere set of congratulations they are told by their CO Captain Jeshrack to report to the Supply tent to get their Central Issue from the Melgovian Supply Chain. What they find is that they receive a number of matching uniforms, a full set of Carapace armor, and a Triplex Rifle a piece. The team has time to get back and store their gear before being rolled up by the SGM to head down to the landing area with Betsy and retrieve a Cargo container for Colonel Marn. When they arrive at the Transport storage area they are completely lost by the sheer number of crates and must ask for direction from a Munitorum worker. Now with good direction to the container they make good time. When arriving they find a cadre of Frateris Militia awaiting them who attempt to get in their path but between Luther Hessman’s foreboding words, the presence of a revving Chimera piloted by Golbar, and the burst of Heavy Stubber let off by Corporal Stereh the Frateris Militia decide that discretion is the better part of valor and stand aside. When some of the squad members inspect the container they find it to in fact be packed to the very brim with Beastmen, who are clearly unhappy about how they are being handled and the nearly lethal conditions of their transportation. Once the squad returns with the container it is handed off to Commissar Hetch and that is the last they hear of it. After a couple of hours down time they are summoned to a Regminetal Formation where Colonel Marn Congratulated the men personally and thn discusses some of the particulare of the up coming move.The Imperium as a whole seems to be in danger. Rebellions have sprung up every where and whole sections of space have gone dark. They are to be deployed to the worlds of Asterion where they will do they best to remedy the situation though they as of yet have no found out any details of the World or what to expect there. After the Colonel speaks the Arch Confessor Vladamir Nessar takes the dias to speak lowly of the Regminet for its “heretical” beliefs. He is only stopped by Sergeant Major Alexander and Comissar Hetch dragging forth a Fateris Militia who had clearly been attempting to spy in the regiment by wearing one of its uniforms. The poor man is drug before the stage and unceremoniously dropped before the Sergeant Major shares a few choice words with the Confessor and then he and the Commissar leave the field. Just after the regimental Ceremony the men are asked to form up as a company where the Men of 3rd Platoon 3 Squad are given their proof of trial by fire. Major Brecht anoints each Trooper’s left armor shoulder plate with a coat of crimson red paint.

Soon the men are called for again and but this time to escort Colonel Marn to a meeting. They arrive to find Arch Confessor Vladamir Nessar ranting about the 99th Composite to General Corball the Army Group commander. The General responds to him politically and bids him good day and the Confessor storms out. After both men leave the party is approached by the man whom had been sitting back observing the exchange. He introduces himself as Commodore – Captain Fin Rikt. The master and and commander of the Rogue Trader Vessel Litany of Woe. He explains that the 99th is to conveyed from place to place to support the war effort but the Litany; but when they and the Litany are not occupied with matters of the Imperial Guard the Commodore Captain is free to use the 99th as he likes. They are dismissed and return to camp.

A few short hours later the 99th finds itself in orbit aboard the Litany. This ship is massive being a Grand Cruiser. Not the largest ship the Imperium produces but close to it. The are billetted somewhere near the core of the ship in what looks like a cargo storage areas that had long ago been converted to accommodate Colonists. The Troops make themselves at home and begin to take up their daily duties along with the incessant need for check ins buy their platoon commander Leiutenant Neflan Sark. After they enter warp the Sergeant Major gathers them and informs them that they have been allocated to support him directly as the Battalions “Special Troops Platoon” but that if he is not operationally using them they are to report back to 3rd Platoon. With that he orders them to get with a handful of the Beastmen who will also be a part of the Chosen Few and to get themselves and the Beastmen into some kind of operational capability. The troops take to this with a fervor and the Beastmen seem even more eager to soak up the opportunity.

Sins of the Spinward Front Episode 0.1.3
A Hero's Welcome

The team find itself re-entering friendly lines having survived an attack by the Dark Eldar. Though scathed and some members on the verge of death they were able to capture a barely living Xenos female. With the Woman and General secured the squad makes contact with the 34th Maccabian Janissaries and are provided a location to make link up. The Chimeras spend two days travelling to the location only to find it to be an open area devoid of any signs of life. After making radio contact again they are told to hold position and to move on foot to a location some distance away from the Convoys. After arriving at that location 4 Sentinels are seen approaching rapidly. As they move toward the resting Chimera they take up defensive positions around the armored vehicles, seemingly to ensure the Squad is unable to return to them. Moments later 4 Chimeras arrive and encircle the members of the 99th Melgovian then disgorged dozens of troops who bring their arms to bear on the ramshackle squad and order them to drop their weapons and to lay on the ground. The team does as instructed and are quickly searched and bound. As the squad wonders at the extreme treatment they see not only two Priests overwatching this process but also a Confessor and a retinue of 4 Frateris Militia (the unofficial and volunteer militant arm of the Ecclesiarchy). They Ecclesiarcal representatives inspect each team member as well as their captives. However they seem more interested in Troopers Bengi Figgus and Arn Bigshoostakilla than they are in the Xenos or Dominate General. They mutter words like “apostate” and “heretic” as they scan the group. The group is separated and loaded onto the Chimera and they are escorted back to the Forward Operating Base 12. Once they arrive they are deprived of all of their possessions and confined in a tent together to only shortly after be separated and confined in hastily prepared earthen berm “cells”. The troops are left to sleep in the dirt for the night and early in the morning are roughly awoken only to be taken one at a time to a tent displaying Ecclesiarchal Markings. Each member is questioned individually and it becomes clear that the Confessor is making an attempt to seek each member to incriminate his fellows in any act he can find. Much to the Confessors consternation to member gives up any information that they can quickly talk their way out of and justify. The one exception being Corporal Tarn Volkgeir who due to his status of being a Melgovian by birth and his attitude toward the Confessor earning him a short but brutal beating from the Maccabian Jannisarie guards whom were hlding security over each squad member during the interrogation. Within a couple hours after the interrogations are finished the squad mambers can hear their Sergeant Major approaching the earthen cells as he orders the Jannissary guard to stand down. Though the men cannot see the altercation it becomes obvious that the guard has no intention of allowing the Sergeant Major by and as a consequence finds himself laying on his back with the wind knocked out of him and an unknown number of broken ribs. The Sergeant Major sees that his men are released and once they move into the sunlight of a Virbian afternoon they see the Sergeant Major kitted out for a fight and wearing his Power Fist on his Left arm while wearing his signature Storm Bolter slung across his shoulder within easy reach of his right hand. He orders the men to secure their possessions and to move with a purpose to the Chimera. When they arrive they find Benge and Arn hiding inside under a canvas tarp (as much as an Orgryn can “hide”) they aslo see that the Maccabian identifying markers on the Chimera have been crudely scraped off by an unknown person. When the Sergeant Major is questioned about the consequences of taking a Chimera that they had only borrowed for the mission he informs them that he “convinced” the Jannissary Supply Sergeant to allow them to repurpose the Chimera in exchange for the Dominate armored vehicle that they acquired. With that information Trooper Faroom enthusiastically jumped into the Drivers seat and revved the engine, taking off toward the camps’s main gate. Driving through the wooded cross post as they exit the gate they move out at full speed toward Theater Base Alpha and the rest of the 99th Melgovian.

Sins of the Spinward Front Episode 0.1.2
The Attack

Corporal Tok and Trooper Faroom decide upon the plan of attack. Trooper Figgus the Ratling and Trooper Arn Bigshoostakilla the Ogryn would take up an overwatch position looking over the enemy compound and providing observation and communication between groups. Trooper Faroom and Corporal Volkgeir would stealthily enter the side of the compound under cover of night and commandeer the enemy Chimera. Once the Chimera was secured Trooper GIls and Corporal Tok wearing enemy uniforms and driving the captured enemy truck would approach the front gate as if delivering supplies. Once the Truck was through the gate it would ram the Barracks door hopefully trapping the majority of the defending troops inside their own building. Once this occurred the Friendly Chimera would approach and suppress the front gate while the now captured Chimera and the Overwatch position would begin to pick off enemy elements…..

The plan went according to plan the Truck was able to block the entrance and a good number of enemy troops were immolated by the hand of Corporal Tok and his Flamer. The Defenders who were not in the barracks were made quick work of as Corporal Volkgeir and Trooper Messick made red mist out of a great many of them with the Chimera main weapons. The speed and accuracy of the assault being made all the more potent by the warp spawned wyrd powers the Psyker Hessman wielded assisting and guiding the blows of the friendly troops. All was going as planned until in a moment of impatience Trooper Faroom and Corporal Volkgeir abandoned the captured Chimera to assault the Bunker door in hopes of taking the General unawares. This turned out to be a foolhardy effort as not only was the Armorplas door more than either of them were able to breach but just as they left the Chimera an explosion tore through the rear of the Enemy barracks and the remaining enemy soldiers began to pour out. Things began to look as if they would turn for the worse as nearly two dozen enemy Infantry rushed out of the burning building to find cover and counter attack. Trooper Faroom and Corporal Volkgeir rushed back to the Chimera to man the guns. With the Emperor on their side however the Imperial Guardsman were able to make short work out of the Enemy troops through precision application of devastating Flame Weapons, and Heavy Turret fire from the Chimeras.

With the remaining enemy troops disposed of the Guardsman turned their attention to the bunker and the General. With no means to breach the Bunker door they began a search of the Compounds warehouse. This search turned up a good deal of supplies but the most useful of which was a crate of 24 Demolition Charges. Psyker Hessman suggested wisely that the best course of action would be to use the maximum number of charges possible to cave in as much of the mysterious cave entrance as possible while retaining just enough of the charges to breach the Bunker door. Trooper Faroom and Corporal Volkgeir were able to rig the Charges with only minimal effort but due to a practical difference of opinion on how to rig the explosives properly only three fourths of the Charges actually detonated. Corporal Volkgeir Sneered at Trooper Faroom for what he viewed as the fault of an over zealous youth while the exact mind of Trooper Faroom remained unknown. The charges that did detonate were sufficient to block a significant amount of the Cave entrance but not enough to ensure that it would stay blocked for long.

The remaining charges were used to breach the Bunker door where a fierce firefight ensued. As the Guardsman flung stun grenade after stun grenade into the breach they were met by Krak Grenades and HotShot Lasgun fire in return.Corporal Volkgeir and Corporal Tok were the first to make entrance and both would likely have perished if not for the overpowering presence of Trooper Bigshoostakilla following them in the doorway and drawing the majority of the enemy fire. Dozens of Hotshot las rounds burned through the air and into the Ogryns flesh with a sickening sizzle. Trooper Arn Bigshoostakilla came within in a breath of meeting the Emperor that day and though his wounds were horrendous he was stabilized and brought back from the brink by the expert skills of Trooper Gils the Squad medic. The firefight raged and las rounds and grenades were exchanged and bodies dropped to the floor. With a well placed grenade from both Corporal Tok and Corporal Volkgeir the General and his sole remaining body guard were stunned momentarily and the Guardsman took advantage of this moment to rush the dazed enemy and subdue them. The bodyguard was summarily executed and the General was bound and extracted while the Troopers searched the Bunker. The search turned up not only the personal Journals of the General but also Battle plans that described the overall Severan Dominate disposition and strategy as well as the local enemy cryptographical information for communications. These items of intelligence along with the General himself could spell the death knell for the Dominate forces on Vibruis if they could be returned to friendly line in time.

With that the Guardsman made haste to depart the area and return to friendly controlled territory. It wasn’t until the third night of their return trip that they discovered the true source of the mysterious attacks on the planet. As night truly set in the convoy of Chimeras took a rest halt and before anyone could react they found themselves under attack by a sizeable host of Dark Eldar travelling and a Raider transport. The transport nearly destroyed the Captured Chimera with numerous hits from a heavy energy weapons while it disgorged a dozen enemy fighters who began to tear into the Troopers. The Enemy were tough but between expertly fired rounds and the Use of a Chimera as a battering ram the enemy was dispatched. Sergeant Doyle was horrendously wounded after killing two of the Foul enemy as a Splinter Rifle nearly tore his leg from his body; slicking the ground with his blood. When all was said and done. Sergeant Doyle lay at death’s door, and many other troopers were wounded. Medic Gils immediately moved to stabilize the wounded troopers. Amazingly he was able to not only stabilize Sergeant Doyles condition but he was able to suture close the severed artery, thus saving the Sergeants leg. However not only had they survived but they had also captured an enemy Wytch. Now they just had to make it the rest of the way to friendly line and hope for no more incidents.


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