Table Rules

Table Rules

1.Golden Rule – If we aren’t having fun than we are doing it wrong. Please help me and the other players make this a great and enjoyable game by your amazing participation, creativity, and the best adherence to the rules below that you can muster.

2.Please do your best to either eat before the game or bring sufficient food and drink with you that we will not have to have any significant delay of game due to sustenance needs.

3.Please double check before you leave your home that you have all required materials. That included but is not limited to character sheet, previous game notes, dice, miniatures (if you have any that are needed), and any snacks or drinks that you will want.

4.A good RPG is a two way street. I set the stage and you as the players help me fill in the content of that stage. This requires participation to he best of your comfort level. Creativity, thoughtfulness, and good Role Playing are all highly rewarded. Power gaming is not only not rewarded but will be frowned upon.

5.As the Story teller I appreciate in put from all of my players and I am happy to discuss any speed bumps or to field any questions. With that said I am in the end the final Arbiter and will alter any aspect that needs altering to ensure a smooth game and good story. With that said I will make every effort to be as consistent and as fair as possible.

6.Rules Lawyering. This is a game every games has tons of rules. If I or a player get a rule wrong please by all means speak up and we will discuss the rule. Gaming is a life long learning process and I welcome new information and understanding. With that said I will not tolerate over zealous rules lawyers (see above in regards to power gamers).

7.Experience is not in any way based off of kills. It is based on good Role Playing and Mission Accomplishment.

8.Cheating will not be tolerated as it at a base level puts into question not only a personas character but it emboldens a toxic environment for everyone involved. Role Playing is a game and part of this game is being unsuccessful and taking that opportunity to turn misfortune into an immersive scene. If you are caught cheating you will be asked politely to stop. If you are caught again you will be asked to no longer occupy a seat at our table.

9.Mature behavior. We all get attached to our characters and want great things for them and ourselves. With that I understand that everyone can become disappointed with the way fate and cast bad juju on our dice at times. I do not expect anyone to be happy with failure but I do expect you as players to role play through it and to behave in a mature way. This means no tantrums, no dice throwing, or any other action that would otherwise make the other players feel uncomfortable with your conduct.

10.Timeliness – If you are not going to make a session or if you are going to be late please inform me as soon as is convenient.

11.For the sake of continuity, my sanity, and respect for the other players please bear in mind that missing more sessions than you make is an impediment to the game for everyone. If you cannot be reasonably consistent with your gaming schedule than we may have to find another avenue to game together.

12. I enjoy telling a good story and part of that requires that I am given good feedback both positive and negative. Let me know what you are enjoying and what you are not. With that information I will do everything within the confines of my interest and comfort to accommodate it.

13.Respect for players. A bit of good natured ribbing or jokes at anyone’s expense is fine with me, even if it is directed at me. With that said if the person that the remarks are aimed at either expresses discomfort with the remarks or become the constant target of such remarks the behavior will have to be reigned in and you will need to sincerely make nice.

14.Table Talk – Part of RPGs are the tangential conversations that come with a group of people gathered around a table engaged in communal story telling. This is expected and even welcomed. With that I ask that table talk is kept within reasonable confines and that it not interfere with the game. If as a player you are feeling that there is an issue with another players table conduct please bring that information to me and I will address the issue. If I feel that a players conduct is disruptive I will talk to them as well. If that player cannot correct their behavior then as a group we will discuss that persons seat at the table.

15.Please approach me with any issues you have with me, other players, rules, the game, or anything else and we will have a conversation about rectifying the issue to the best of our ability.

Table Rules

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