A Recalling of Melgovia

=A recalling of Melgovia, its history, its people, and the Emperor’s Melgovian Regiments=
154.997.M41 Mentor Scholar Second Degree Alesander Ryke, Schola Tactica Spire 417

Segmentum Pacificus, located to the galactic south of Marcharia.

Sun = Baeladoor
Yellow Sun

Planet = Balmoor
High concentrations of mineral deposits. Large mining facilities established.
Moon = Fellrod
Due to low gravity and stable seismic activity Fellrod is used as a major manufacturing facility for much of what is extracted from the mines of Balmoor.
Moon = Corscan (Port Corscan)
Corscan is little more than a hollowed planetoid. Corscan is insignificant in itself but boasts a strategically beneficial location and is the home of the small but functional Imperial Navy Port and the primary staging point for materials entering and leaving the system.

Planet = Melgovia
The homeworld and primary planet of interest in the Baeladoor system.
Moon = Rothmoor
A moon sized equivalent to a Death World. After the occupation of Melgovia was in its final stages, the remnants of an Ork fleet appeared out of the Warp without warning. The Ork fleet landed their vessels on Rothmoor. Lacking the ability to project much power and the Imperial Fleet caught up in what would turn out to be the Macharian Heresy there was no way for the Melgovians to immediately cleanse the infestation. Fortunately for the Melgovians the Orks were in no place to pose a threat to Melgovia itself.
Moon = Maelon
Ice, frozen gases, small mining outposts is present.

Tyr’s Folly Asteroid Belt
Fleet Captain Tyr made a critical error in the prosecution of a fleet engagement that took place during the Macharian Heresy. Losing ships and fleeing a superior enemy, the Fleet Captain led the remnants of his fleet into the asteroid belt seeking refuge. To the great misfortune of the loyalist Imperial Fleet, the enemy launched a storm of Torpedoes and Lance Beams into the tail end of the fleeing fleet and into the asteroids themselves. The resulting damage sent chunks of debris flying at speeds that caused catastrophic damage to the fleet within the belt. The ships that remained were crippled and easy prey for the enemy fleet. Due to the tragedy the belt received its name.

Planet = Foglon
Gas Giant. The gasses are of no particular value and the cost of gathering them is too high to make the collection worthwhile.

Melgovia is an extremely mountainous planet with peaks averaging 20,000+ ft and many well over 60,000. The temperate zone blanketing a large swath around the planetary midsection (covering approximately 60% of the land mass) is heavily wooded with thick forests covering the mountains at altitude that which the vegetation can sustain itself. The temperate zone extends north and south from the equatorial line and averages 102 degrees in the summer season, decreasing farther one moves north or south. During the winter the equatorial lowlands rarely see snow and average a temperature of 53 degrees again decreasing as one moves north or south. The polar region boasts the lowest temperatures on the planet averaging approximately -30 degrees in the dead of winter and reaching a humid 50 degrees in the heat of summer. In the winter months a cold and hardly survivable winters sets in at the poles with decreasing effect the closer on approaches the more temperate areas. During the summer with the exception of the most extreme north and south, the poles transform into a loamy tundra with incredibly high humidity as the snow melts and slowly evaporates. The evaporation causes drastic storms in the more temperate areas of the planet as the weather fluxes in sync with the spring season. These Storms are largely electrical in nature and can cause large blackouts in the planetary communications network.

Melgovia boasts no significant bodies of water. Though one could say the world spanning artery of rivers and lakes that lay between the mountainous landscapes could be considered a planetary body of water. The flow of the water is fed by snow melt off and the torrential storms that plague the surface of the world during the spring and summer months. This system of waterways and reservoirs teem with abundant aquatic life. This wild life along with the herds of mountain creatures that inhabit the peaks are a staple of Melgovian cuisine. The problem with the waterways lies in the density of the planetary gases that settle their way into the same areas as the water. This makes the fishing industry expensive and at times dangerous.

It is noteworthy to add mention of the peculiar phenomenon has occurred on Melgovia. Though the planets gravity is only slightly higher than that of Terran norm there are many examples of notable material densities on the planet. The rock and soil that composes the land mass of the planet is dense enough that the use of power tools to move earth is a necessity unless one is willing to break a good many tools as well as dedicate a large number of man hours to the simple task of digging a trench. The same effect can be seen in the atmosphere and vegetation. The density of nitrogen and other gases at sea level is high enough that re-breathers must be worn or the human body will perish if left unaided. This has the added result of the altitude at which breathable air can be found extremely high by most estimations. The vegetation is likewise different. To fell a tree in any forest one must be prepared to use a reinforced ax and even then to need to repair the head with relative frequency. Structures built from locally procured materials are likely to stand much abuse. This is also one of many reasons that Melgovians have chosen to make their homes out of the high craggy peaks that abound their planet. The mountains had to be mined for minerals and the hollowed out mountains made for extremely resilient naturally made hive towers, easy to defend and able to house all the self sustaining essentials to include sizable garrisons of PDF. In addition to being formidable fortresses as well as the gateway to the minerals of Melgovia, the mountain fortresses ensure that the human population is kept well away from the lower altitudes where the density of the gases are too extreme to support unassisted human life. The Spires themselves requiring a complex ventilation system in order to sustain life in their lower levels. The terrain and unique attributes of the Melgovian environment make ground transportation extremely difficult with the exception of the massive rail system connecting the Spires and their associated mines to the handful of planetary spaceports. For this reason the Melgovian people and its PDF maintain a substantial number of aircraft to ensure the freedom of movement for personnel and goods. At any given point in time there are countless aircraft deployed around the planets airspace moving personnel from spire to spire, materials to those who need them, and the essential items that keep the Melgovian structures rolling. In addition to the civilian aircraft that one is sure to see if you look closely among the aircraft sharing the atmosphere you will see formation after formation of Melgovian military aircraft conducting drills, training, and transporting men and their associated equipment.

For nearly 5,000 years the Spinward sector of the Segmentum Pacificus remained to be re-conquered by the Imperium after the Age of Apostasy. During those 5,000 years the reign of the Emperor did not shine upon the human masses within. Though the population of many worlds survived through the Age of Apostasy humanity has its limits. Numerous worlds were found that though having at one time hosted numerous thriving colonies; in the absence of the Emperor’s protection and tutelage had fallen in to discord or died out all together. Life on Melgovia nearly came to such a fate. Found to the galactic south of Marcharia and to the galactic south east of Ultima Macharia. Melgovia was discovered by Rogue Traders that had been tasked by the Lord Solar to seek out the worlds between the crusades central and southern push. It was found that the remaining populations of Melgovia’s original mining colony had regressed to a conglomerate of nation states banded together in loose alliances. Though not tainted by Chaos the people of Melgovia had strayed from their loyalty to Emperor and the Imperium. They did not immediately submit to the will of Solar Macharius or his representatives nor did they recognize the legitimacy of the Imperium`s Dominion. The alliance of humans banded together in a nearly global campaign of resistance against the common enemy found in the servants of the Emperor. Though lacking the technological advantages the Imperium possessed, the Melgovians still possessed the knowledge to manufacture both firearms and effective if antiquated tools of war. The weapons and technology made all the more effective by the materials available to the local population in the uncommonly abundant and resilient ore found within the heart of the planet itself. Melgovian local’s structures were able to soak up immense amounts of fire power, the armor worn by the warriors of Melgovia able to absorb impact after impact. Melgovia’s population was not great by any account but what they lacked in numbers they made up for in tenacious efforts and capitalization of the local environment. These factors enabled the Melgovias to fight an effective guerrilla war against the forces of the Emperor set against them.

Numerous regiments were whittled down slowly by attrition and the effects of Melgovia’s natural environment. It wasn’t until the Lord Solar sent the Merican regiments to subjugate the world that things began to change in the favor of the Imperial cause. For years the Merican regiments had fought alongside The Lord Solar and his First Army. With the campaign slowing as the distant Halo Stars presented a challenge to penetrate both logistically and psychologically the Lord Solar was able to release the elite forces of the Mericans to support the struggle taking place on that front. With the arrival of the Merican regiments the conflict took a new path. Instead of attempting to pursue the enemy in all corners of the planet while simultaneously catering to the strengths of the foe. The Mericans stormed local strong points one at a time focusing their fighting power and denying the strengths of the enemy. Fighting hard won victories against the mountain strongholds of the Melgovias the Mericans earned a respect for their foe. As head of the regiments Lord General Kerrnan had seen innumerable battles, been responsible for the deaths of countless xenos, untold numbers of heretics, the foul breeds of Chaos, and even faithful Imperial citizens where it was necessary to accomplish the greater needs of the Imperium. So much bloodshed, so many experiences, so much glory. These things made the following event impossible to have been predicted. Though the Lord General could never have been considered a man who was unwilling to prosecute a fight, shy from any need of the Imperium, or deny the will of his Emperor, he awoke sweating one morning in his new headquarters within a freshly sacked stronghold. Waking to the shock of epiphany brought by the vision of a message from the Corpse Lord whom leads humanity. Shrouded in mist the Emperor guided him away from a battle, as he looked behind him he saw the dead who had fallen by his order, the Emperor looked upon the Lord General and without a word conveyed the sadness and disappointment at so many lives lost, so many humans fallen, so many that would be worthy Imperial citizens had they but the chance. In that dreaming moment the General was reminded of the Emperor’s own will while he had walked the Earth. Humanity was to be saved where it was salvageable. Survival was all that mattered and Science with Reason tempered by Scorn and Wrath were the path to survival. The General recalled the ancient teaching the the Imperial Truth. The tenets that had been replaced by the Ecclesiarchy and the Imperial Cult that had raised the Emperor to godhood soon after he had assumed the Golden Throne. All these realizations stuck the General like a lightening bolt and the mists that had shrouded his dreams lifted. Waking; the Lord General spoke a quiet thanks to the Emperor him for guiding him to his will and the proper course. He then walked from his chamber knowing what must be done. To this day it is not known if the occurrence was simply the result of the General’s inner mind, or if we dare think that perhaps the Emperor may have indeed shared a message with him. However the General always professed in earnest the prior. The Merican regiments began a drastic shift. When a stronghold was sacked its people were not put to death in the name of the Emperor; but were instead instructed of not only his existence but of the Imperium and it’s glorious cause. Though the process of conquering was to take far longer than expected Lord General Kerrnan argued to the Solar that should not all men lacking the touch of Chaos be given the chance to see the light of the Emperor and fall back into the grace of Terra herself. Though the Lord Solar desired an expeditious result to the conflict it was hard to argue against the results of the campaign however slowly they were made. Once the people of Melgovia had been exposed to the Emperor Truth not only did they readily convert to it but took up arms against their former brothers in the fight for the Imperium. Once the process was established it was like a tidal wave crashing upon a shore. Local Melgovian troops fighting alongside Merican battalions, the former sharing their expertise in fighting within the local environment and the latter sharing their technology and superior tactics. The conclusion was inevitable and fatal to the enemies of the Throne. Lord General Kerrnan’s philosophy was seen as a questionable practice but an astounding success. Not only had the planet been liberated, but the people converted into loyal Imperial Citizens.

Upon completion of the Crusade many illustrious regiments were granted colonization rights to the worlds that had been liberated. In doing so they took command of the local population and ensured that the light of the Imperium would not again be in question. It was Solar Macharius himself who made the decision to grant Melgovia to the Merican regiments of Terra. The Mericans had distinguished themselves numerous times while fighting directly under Lord Solar Macharius in his push to liberate more than a thousand worlds and bring to the Emperor’s will to the darkness. Melgovia was well known to the Mericans by this time and they had integrated well with the local population and took advantage of the bonds that had developed between locals and Mericans during the conflict to retake the planet. Melgovia soon became a thriving new home world to the battle worn regiments and to those who had called it home before. The Lord General Kerrnan of the Merican Regiments was made Planetary Governor and the maintenance of Melgovia’s population and Space Ports became his responsibility.

With the capture of Melgovia came access to its resources. Melgovia possessed great amounts of a material essential for the production of the armor used by an Adeptus Mechanicus Forge World where Titan Legions and the Battle Tanks of the Imperium are produced. This mineral being found only in minor amounts near the planet’s surface was discovered to be in vast quantities deep in the planets crust. Due to the unique density phenomenon of Melgovia, this meant that the supply of these precious materials would be sufficient to build and maintain numerous Titan Legions and countless divisions of fighting machines. Unfortunately much to the woe of the planetary governor getting to the mineral was another matter. The same phenomenon that made the material so abundant precluded easy access to it. The solution for this was for Melgovia to find a mutually beneficial arrangement with the Tech Priests of Urdesh. In trade for the yearly tithe of minerals and materials to the foundries of Urdesh the Tech Priests would provide the technological tools and expertise that would allow the Melgovias to mine the materials with relative ease and supply them the technology to live in their mountain fortresses.

Upon cursory inspection the planet seems to only possess a robust rail system circumnavigating the mountain passes, and a number of star ports. All traces of population centers cannot be easily discerned. Appearances are however deceiving. Many of the enormous mountains that make up the surface of the planet are in fact heavily armed natural fortresses. These fortresses guard the entrances to the mines of Melgovia. The minerals are mined, refined, and packed for interstellar shipment to the foundries of Forge World Urdesh in these hollowed out planetary fortresses. They are then sent to the star ports via rail to await shipment. In trade for the precious minerals mined from the planet the Tech Priests of Urdesh provide not only advanced plasma weaponry but also the technical expertise to ensure the smooth running of the mines and the technology required to sustain a society that lives predominately within the confines of large natural structures. Due to the dense population of the fortress spires the average Imperial citizen of Melgovia may go his whole life without seeing a Tech Adept; Melgovia however hosts a population of the Machine Cult far surpassing that of most typical worlds. This Tech Priest density is due to the great need for technical expertise in the mining equipment used to hollow out Melgovia’s surface as well as supporting Melgovia’s Imperial forces.

The colonists of Melgovia being composed entirely of battle hardened veterans from the Macharian Crusade and the hardy local Melgovian locals, they dedicated their lives to the service of the Emperor and the advancement of the Imperial cause. Once the precious ores were again being unearthed from the planets layers and the contracts with the Urdeshi Tech Magi arranged and finalized the planet began to expand the PDF. Once the PDF was secured and expanding a large percentage of the best and brightest were organized into the Melgovian first founding Imperial Guard Regiment. Composed of veterans from both the Merican regiments and Melgovian warriors; the regiment was only the first of many. With the support that the Tech Priests of Urdesh the planetary government took steps to ensure that the previous glory and battle honors of the founding regiments would not be the last earned. To this end it was decided that given the access to the devastating weapons of war provided by Urdesh the heavily armed and armored regiments of Melgovia would be modeled after the elite regiments of the Mericans who had fought to liberate the world. This has lead to regiments equipped with a high number of plasma based weapons and hardened battle armor made from the same compounds mined from the planet which are used to produce the armor of enormous war machines. The first regiment founded though taking the name of the new Planet took up where the Mericans left off in their number of founding. The 116th Melgovian Grenadiers was the first and remains Melgovia’s most illustrious regiment.

Melgovias by the very nature of their origins and the conditions of their founding are a militant minded people who prided themselves in service to the Emperor and martial prowess. It is mandatory that all Melgovian citizens serve the early years of their adult life as a member of the PDF. This ensures the Melgovia has a sizable force with which to repel any and all attacks on its territory as well as acclimatizing the young adults to the harsh lifestyle that is to follow for the remainder of their life should they choose to work the mines or lack the proficiency to be allowed to stay a member of the Melgovian forces. Melgovia has provided many regiments to numerous conflicts to include the Macharian Heresy, the Sabbat Crusade, the Second Battle of Armageddon, the defense of Cadia during the Thirteenth Black Crusade, and numerous smaller crises. It is important to note that Melgovia is guarded closely by assets of the Imperium. A small Naval Port shares the system and is patrolling the system at all times. Were Melgovia to fall and the supply of materials to Urdesh cut off from Melgovia many production lines that are entirely dependent upon it would grind to a deadly and devastating halt felt across the sector and perhaps beyond. Melgovia’s security and the Urdeshi reliance on Melgovia ore was of course a mute point during the Sabbat Crusade. For many years the Forge World of Urdesh was under the control of the ruinous powers. At that time Melgovia had already dedicated numerous regiments to the liberation of the Sabbat Worlds before the infernal powers occupation of Urdesh. After the occupation Melgovia voluntarily recruited and dedicated fifty newly formed regiments to assist in the liberation of the forge world. This act ensured an eternal bond between the Tech Magi of Urdesh and the people of Melgovia.

In the year following the reformation of the Melgovia and the subsequent reconstruction. Without warning the remnants of a great Ork fleet that had fought against the Lord Solar’s forces appeared in system. The Ork fleet made no attempt to attack the fledgling Imperial defenses but rather chose to make planet fall on Melgovia’s moon Rothmoor. The Ork fleet appeared to try to make their presence as little known as possible but had little success. The unfortunate truth however was that the newly founded Melgovian PDF was in no condition at the time to respond with massed violent action nor was the Imperial Navy present, being away tending to crises that would eventually turn into the Macharian Heresy. Scouts were dispatched quickly to discern the height of the threat; meanwhile large forces were massed, veterans of the crusade that were no longer serving were called up to respond to the threat. The forces were put on rail and as quickly as possible and moved to the only functional planetary Space Port. It would be weeks however before any sizable force could be massed. The scouts sent back reports of Ork settlements being set up in and around the remains of their landed ships. The Orks seemed to be preparing defenses. It was surmised that the Orks had been running since their losses to the Lord Solar, that they had run so short on supplies that they had picked the next available location in which to set up a settlement. Planetary Governor Kerrnan devised a plan. Lacking the forces to cleanse the moon, he began a campaign of terror against the Orks. The campaign began with surgical strikes against key Ork assets to disable their ability to mobilize in great numbers and stranding them on Rothmoor. The next phase of the plan was to allow the hostile flora and fauna of Rothmoor to thin the Ork population. Then troops would follow on to mop up the remaining Ork forces. What was unexpected was that the Orks would thrive in their new found environment. Though what technology they possessed quickly vanished due to lack of resources the Orks were more than capable of reverting to a more feral state and quickly competing for the position at the top of the food chain. After a year scans of the planet’s surface, it appeared that little to no Ork settlements remained. The first invasion teams were sent in to get a boots on the ground view of the moon. Problems cropped up immediately. Though the ground forces encountered far fewer threats from the local flora and fauna than expected some troops were lost. The main problem however stemmed from the unexpected and massive population of semi feral Orks. It appeared that after the bombing campaign had wiped out most of the Ork settlements they had fled into the surrounding jungle. The jungle became rife with Ork spores and there was a population explosion. It took mere months for the Ork population to begin to recuperate. Quickly the Orcs began to conquer their new home. Lacking the resources for even their Mekboys to produce simple machines they resorted to simple tools which though slowing their progress did little to stem it. After heavy losses to the initial invasion team the remaining members were called out and extracted.

The Planetary Governor convened his Generals to formulate a plan. Many ideas were presented spanning from mass invasion of the planet to a petitioning for virus bombing. The most unique plan however called for the use of the moon as an expansive training and proving ground for the fledgling PDF and the Imperial Guard Regiments that were sure to be summoned. The General who suggested the plan reinforced the idea by pointing out that Rothmoor had little to no strategic value, possessed no noteworthy mineral deposits, the Orks were not capable of leaving the planet, and was indeed the perfect place to train, develop, and prepare their forces. Governor Kerrnan was finally convinced of the merits of the idea. Veterans of the Macharian Crusade were called into service to allow for the purging and developing of land that would become Bastion Aquila. Bastion Aquila would be the center of all matters military on the moon. Once the defenses were set the first batch of freshly trained troops were brought in. After Basic Training and Indoctrination a Battalion of new troops would be brought in to man the walls of Bastion Aquila. The Veterans would remain on the moon to act as a quick reaction force in case of emergency and to act as a training cadre as for the new recruits as their primary focus. The new troops would endure a regimen the consisted of defending Bastion Aquila from the occasional Feral Ork attack, patrolling for Ork settlements using, foot patrols, Mechanized tactics, and via insertion by the air assets. The project was a tremendous success. In the first year of training casualties were had, but the remaining troops came out of the gauntlet hardened by both the harsh environs of the death moon as well as the persistent enemy found in the Feral Ork population.

15 years after the Macharian Crusade had ended the Macharian Heresy began in earnest. The Sector was torn asunder by warring factions. Many local Warlords popped up and vied for dominance of the sector. Few notable systems remained loyal to the dictates of Terra and Lord Kerrnan was amongst one of the few leaders to remain staunchly so. A large contingent of the Imperial Navy was moved to the Baeladoor sector and Port Corscan was upgraded from a poor way station to a small but functional Imperial Space Port. With thirty regiments raised and the Imperial Navy securing the sector Lord Kerrnan began to push his forces forward. After decades of fighting and the intervention of numerous Space Marine Chapters the Heresy was put down. By the end of the war Lord Kerrnan was long dead, however his method of war making was not. Enemies were put down ruthlessly where needed, but the strategy of conversion where able was adhered to. This tactic made for slower progress but once a world was conquered the majority of its forces were able to move on to the next conquest leaving only a token force behind to garrison rather than the sizable force normally required. In addition the planets conquered were able to nearly immediately begin production of goods both regaining their status as tithe paying world and increasing the amount of assets available to support the war effort. After 70 years the Heresy was ended, with the regiments of Melgovia having proved themselves and earning many battle honors.

Having originated from the hallowed grounds of ancient Terra the Merican regiments that founded Melgovia maintain that they are still the Emperors chosen guardians that they simply watch over him and their fellow Imperials from afar. The Melgovian mindset is one of staunch militarism tempered by unwavering faith in the Emperor and Humanity. The Melgovian culture is based less on simple self sustainable and progress than progress for the sake of serving the Emperor more effectively. When the local Melgovias and conquering Mericans began to settle in together for the long process of post war reconstruction their cultures and beliefs invariably combined in many ways and after generations developed into a homogeneous set of beliefs. From the Mericans came the belief in the Emperor’s Imperial Truth, military expertise, and introduction to technology. The Melgovia gift to the Mericans was their superb mountaineering skills, staunch independence, and drive to not only serve a cause greater than themselves but to seek ever better ways in which to do it. The ever prevalent combination of these beliefs has spawned a culture that is robust, loyal to the Emperor’s will, and ever vigilant to serve his cause. This loyalty to the Imperial Truth has led this culture into more than a few run ins with the Priesthood of Terra, who view modern Melgovians as dangerous or even heretical. The Priesthood believe this stems from the close relationship that the Melgovians share with the Machine Cult. In this assumption they would not be entirely wrong, though as any Melgovian engineer would happy argue, their interest in advancement existed long before the Melgovian relationship with the Machine Cult began as well as all Melgovian’s staunchly professing that their interest in progress stems not from heresy or any such terror but from the belief that it is a betrayal to the Emperor to not follow the Emperors teaching as they would have where he was not shackled to the Golden Throne. Numerous members of the Inquisition’s Ordo Hereticus have investigated the leaders and indeed the very people of Melgovia itself for the taint of heresy only to find that they are in fact loyal Imperial citizens. However their nature is far from enough to save them from the harsh reprimands of the Holy Enforcers of the Imperial Ecclesiarchy. Were it not for the nearly priceless service that the planet and its people provide to the Imperium the planet would have been wiped clean of any suspected heresy long ago. Though the average Melgovian may not know it, they owe their very existence to their connection with the Machine Cult of Mars.

The Melgovian people can be described as hearty. Far from being of the stature of the mighty Space Marines who still tower over even the largest of Melgovians, they are known to be a strong and tough breed. From the Mericans the modern Melgovians have received the crème of generations of the best and brightest being selected for the Merican regiments on Terra. The local Melgovians gave their extraordinary physical stature and inquisitive mind. The sum of these attribute has given the modern Melgovian a mind capable of staunch determination and keen enough to handle the most demanding situations, while the physique needed to survive on a planet that can be physically demanding to endure. The combination of these attributes has been fortuitous in that the abilities given to the Melgovian people enable to them to survive and prosper in the technically, technologically, and demanding operations of the planetary mining industry. Both physically strong to endure the hard labor required in retrieving the ore from the planets hard crust, and mentally acute to ensure that the ever demanding technical needs of the mining operation are met. The Melgovians pride themselves on their ability to overcome any situation. It is these same attributes that enable the Melgovians to field the elite Heavy Infantry regiments that they provide to the Imperial Guard. Troopers are both physically prepared for the demanding needs of guard life and blessed with the mental faculties needed to succeed in both a tactical environment and to use the advanced weapons and equipment provided to them by the Adeptus Mechanicus.

27th Merican Heavy Infantry Army “The Wardogs” – Unification Wars, The Great Crusade, Defense of Holy Terra during the Horus Heresy, Macharian Crusade

116th Regiment “Talons of the Aquila” – The Suppression of Jaxon V, The Neward Witch Massacre, Morrillian Infestation, The Fall of Soros, 13th Black Crusade

112th Valkyrie Squadron “The Fell” – The Neward Witch Massacre, The Korlan Insurgency, The Fall of Soros, Belthos Beachhead, Mushan Heresy

168th Regiment “Red Death” – The Zormat Incursion, Jonak Khel Treason, Coriins War, The Seige of Kamaoopth, 13th Black Crusade
Regiment (4095 men / Regiment)
– Led by a Colonel
– 1 x Commisar Lord
– 1 x HQ Battalion (345 men, Support Bn attached directly to the Regiment)
– 4 x Battalions

4 x Battalion (937 men / Battalion)
– Led by a Major
– 1 x Officer of the Fleet
– 1 x Astropath
– 1 x Commisar
– 1 x HQ Company (105 men, Support Company attached directly to the Bn)
– 4 x Line Companies

4 x Company (207 men / Company)
– Led by a Captain
-1 x Tech Priest
-1 x HQ Platoon (25 men, Command Squad composing the Co. HQ)
-4 x Platoons (Line Platoons are responsible for tactical scenarios)

4 x Platoon (45 men / Platoon)
-Led by a Lieutenant
-1 x HQ detachment (5 men)
-4 x Squads (10 men each)

4 x Squad (10 men / Squad)
-Led by a Sergeant
-3 x Teams

3 x Team (3 men / Team)
– Corporals are team leaders

=Rank Structure=
Lord General
- At least one Lord General exists at any given time to lead the Planetary Defense Force. In addition every founding that leads multiple regiments leaving to support the Imperial Guard is led by a Lord General.

- Every Regiment is led by a Colonel.

- Majors serve as executive officers at the regimental level as well as commanding Battalions.

- Captains are the commanding officers of all companies.

- Lieutenants serve as platoon leaders.

- Master Gunner
- Chief repository of all tactical knowledge in a Regiment. Often if not nearly always the oldest Guardsman alive in his unit. These are the men who drive the training in every unit and are the chief advisers to any commander in the matters of tactics and technical expertise.

Sergeant Major
- Found at the Regimental and Battalion level. In addition all Lord Generals will have a Commanding Sergeant Major available to him to serve as his link to the Enlisted men.

– Leader of squads.

- Team leaders.

-Does what he is told.

A Recalling of Melgovia

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