1.f Trooper Keel Kringmkr

Beastman Flame Troop


Trooper Keel is a fierce warrior. Though he is of average size and build for a Beastman (6’0) he charges into the enemy flinging Frag Grenades and spraying those before him with fiery Promethium emitted from his Hand Flamer. He like all the Beastmen wears Flak Armor on their Torso and Arms but their legs lack the ability to fit into any sort of Guardsman’s leggings and so they make to with skirts fitted from scrap ballistic fabric. The heads of the Beastmen will not accommodate any form of head gear. Fortunately for them their Horns provide a small amount of protection as well as being natural weapons.


1.f Trooper Keel Kringmkr

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