1.f Trooper Lentz Allus

Slow but Happy Mech Head


Lentz is mostly an enigma. Gorg did not know him the day before he was saved by him and he knows little more about him now other than he is incredibly loyal, seemingly happy, and dumb as a rock. It has been rumored that Lentz’s mother was a female Ogryn and that his father was a very drunk Guardsman who had made a bet and lost. This of course cannot be the case as any such offspring if even viable would like have been put to the gun by the Munitorum. Lentz is large, Bald, and typically found wearing an oil and premethium stained Valhallan uniform under his poor fitting Flak vest. On his bald head can be seen a grotesque scar that covers a dimple in his rear skull. digital53_by_hobitt4999-d5v4nng.jpg


No Information is available at this time.

1.f Trooper Lentz Allus

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