1.c Major Jan Brecht

Commander 3-99th Melgovian Hell's Wrath


Brecht is a Melgovian Man who towers at 6’7 and is of an athletic build. He carries himself with confidence even in the most dire of circumstances and though a professional will treat all his men with respect and dignity. He is not often found without his matching Bolt Pistols and Power Sword. 1368835900004.jpg


An exceptionally competent and charismatic commander. He has served with Sergeant Major Alexander his entire career and is a born leader and tactician. The Colonel believes that the God Emperor and the Imperial Guard are better served by judicious use of the souls of men and a Guardsman’s life has meaning to the Colonel. Though he cares for Guardsmen he is a firm believer in stratification of rank and duties. Colonel Jan Brecht will rally his men and not waste their lives needlessly believing that it is better to withdraw and live to fight again than to die in place to take an irrelevant number of enemies with you.

1.c Major Jan Brecht

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