2.a Magos Gerkin Balrooth

Rogue Trader Mechanicus Representative


Magos Gerkin Balrooth (Explorator) Magos Gerkin Balrooth is inquisitive and intelligent. Unlike others in the Mechanicus his interest and duties are primarily to seek out and catalogue technologies lost to humanity from its past as well as observing new technologies to better arm mankind to defeat them. He has a fair ability to interact with Humanity as it assists him in his work. This is a skill not often found in one of the Mechanicus. Magos Gerkin Balrooth stands at 5’10 and has a medium build. He wears red robes trimmed in gold to denote his rank within Mechanicus and blue to denote his position as an Explorator that cover every section of his body from sight with the exception of his face which he keeps exposed to assist with communication toward normal humans.


2.a Magos Gerkin Balrooth

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