1.f Trooper Gorg Bennius

Old Hat Mechanized Infantry


Gorg has been around along time and seen it all while serving in a Valhallan Regiment. In that particular capacity he is mroe than happy to do his duty so long as that duty keeps “his tired old butt where it belongs” and that is usually manning a vehicle of one form or another. Gorg suffered grevious injuries 5 years past. These ijuries left him alive but barely. If it were not for his companion Private Lentz Allus, Gorg would surely have perished with teh rest of the crew in the now destroyed Leman Russ. As it stood it took numerous Cyber enhancements to allow Gorg to function in an offical capacity again. Unfortuately for him these replacement parts were of poor quality. This left him the a Skull whos right side is held together by what looks like riveted shet metal, his Jaw was replaced with a crude and poorly fitting mettalic mandible, his lungs were replaced by functional but noisey mechanical lungs and his right are was replaced by hideous mockery of a human arm. This are is however a boon when working on vehicles as it came off a Mech Servitor and has a Combi Tool integrated. Gorg can be grumpy and cross at tiem with anyone but Lentz. This is due to the persistant and moderate pain that he is in at all time from his poor quality Cyber “enhancements”. lordsteeljaw.jpg


Gorg was a Tank and thought the luck that had gotten him to his advanced age in teh Guard had run out. He however was wrong. Lentz saved him from what would have been certain death in that burning Russ. Sometimes Gorg resents Lentz for this based on the constant pain he is in from the cybernetics, but mostly he views Lentz as his own loving, loyal, and very stupid son.

1.f Trooper Gorg Bennius

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