2. Commodore Captain Fin Rikt

Rogue Trader, owner of the Litany of Woe


-Commodore – Captain Fin Rikt (Rogue Trader) Commodore – Captain Fin Rikt was previously Commodore – Captain of Imperial Navy. Born as the second son of a noble house Fin Rikt began his career at an early age and advanced quickly due to a sharp mind and insatiable curiosity. His first notable command was as a Vice Captain of the Cruiser Terra’s Vengence where he conducted Long Range patrols in the Halo Stars. His success in the Bentherian Crusade where he was responsible for the destruction of dozens of Xenos ships earned him favor with those on Terra and a Warrant of Trade. The Commodore – Captain has little interest in trade and great interest in exploration and Conquest. He happily allows Seneschal Sipline Karr to handle all matters of logistics while Void Master Korbin Herk maintains the maintenance of the Litany of Woe. The Commodore – Captains Fleet is composed of his Flagship the Cruiser “Litany of Woe” and a number of transports used to haul supplies that support the Fleet and the spoils of Conquest. Commodore – Captain Fin Rikt is a charismatic leader of men and his drive knows no bounds. He is good humored and is usually able to maintain a smile on his face and sees most situations as a challenge to be overcome. Some have described him as more of a Privateer than an Explorer. Rikt would only laugh this accusation off. He is driven to push back the darkness and to explore the reaches of the Halo Stars to bring them under the sway of the Imperium. The Commodore – Captain stands 6’0 and wears an impressive ornate set of Carapace armor which protects his athletic frame. He is bearded and had dark brown hair matching his one dark brown eye; the other being covered by a patch that looks to be made of xenos hide.


2. Commodore Captain Fin Rikt

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