1.b Colonel Sebick Marn

Commander 99th Melgovian "The Emperor's Bastards")


The Colonel is a Melgovian male of 5"11 with an aged but athletic build. He is well served in weapons training and trains daily to stay sharp and fit. He wears a Black Cloak trimmed in Crimson over his issue Carapace and maintains a well cared for muscular appearance. 08af877321e295cf6184da275b084d54.jpg


The Colonel is as grizzled as they come. He has seen countless battles and desires to see more of them. He is a consummate professional and a Soldier to his core. He cares for his men but refuses to become close to any of them . The only man who could say they know him well are the Regiments Commissars as he has had more contact with them than anyone else by way of heart to heart conversations. The Colonel understands the need for the Commissariat and appreciates well their use. However he also knows there are alternatives to a Bolt round through the back of the head and he has been sure to relay his sincere and threatening message to the Commissars that he will abide no abuse of his men that is not needed and that cannot be justified to him. His officers appreciate his candor and his leadership. He knows his place is best served by watching and directing and not charging Power Sword in hand.

1.b Colonel Sebick Marn

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