2.b Argehn Orok

Rogue Trader Kroot Bodyguard (Sanctioned Xenos)


Argehn Orok (Sanctioned Xenos) Argehn Orok is a Kroot Warrior and Fin Rikt’s personal bodyguard. Argehn Orok was saved from the a certain death at the hands of a Carnivorous predator on the Death World Vergrim. The salvation was however inadvertent as Rikt had been hunting the beast and only by chance had tracked it to its feeding place where it had very recently subdued Orok. Orok was detained and brought back to the Litany of Woe for study. Orok showed an amazing affinity for language and to the surprise of the crew tending him; began speaking clipped Low Gothic within a matter of days. Within two weeks he was able to imitate the nuanced speech of humans and conversed fluently. Rikt was informed of this turn of events and began to hold weekly meeting with Orok to delve into the creatures memory and alien knowledge. Orok had been a part of a Kindred hunting genetic material on the Death world when they had been overwhelmed by their prey. Orok alone survived and was able to successfully evade his hunters for a time. He ran afoul of one however and was only saved by the Commodore – Captain’s serendipitous intervention. For this intervention he was immensly grateful and offered his services for a time. A deal was struck that Orok would serve Rikt in payment for his salvation and Rikt would provide him any Genetic materials he desired save Human. Fin Rikt has however promised his own flesh to Orok upon his passing should it be available. Orok is quite but if approached in a non hostile manner amicable. Orok is a spindly 6’5 with mottled green skin that appears to have an attribute that allows him to blend in to a degree with his surroundings. He speaks in perfect Low and High Gothic to compensate for second class stature.kroot_00.jpg


2.b Argehn Orok

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