Night Of A Thousand Rebellions

Un Frakked and Stuff

Long Story Short. With Sergeant Doyle dead and Sergeant Triton incapacitated by Trooper Medic Taylor; a more meaningful conversation was able to commence with Biff. In the end Biff wanted to take move up the ranks in his Gang and saw the opportunity to make that happen with the Guardsmen. Biff would “Capture” the IG and place them in what served as the local Detention area. It was an old Stanton (local Police) precinct building. This building also happened to be the most secure and fortified with in the confines of the Shanty Town and as such was Generally the residence of Jacque Crendan the towns Gang Boss. Biff would have to confiscate Equipment, Armor, and all but the most concealable of weapons but gave his word that he would ensure that the Cell they were kept in would find itself unlocked and unobserved in the hours to come and that the “Evidence” room would be in a like state. As the Guardsmen were locked up along with little LiLu they noticed in the cell next to the the covered, shivering, and barely recognizable form of Farnell. What they did not see was that Farnell’s tongue had been ripped from his mouth as a way for Biff to save face while Farnell unjustly took a large portion of the public blame for the Actions of the Players.

Long Story Short. Players Escape, Get back only their least valuable Gear (the rest had been confiscated by the Gangers who were charged with storing it) and made their Way to Kill Jacque. They were successful in tie mission with the only two noticeable mishaps being Lilu nearly expiring and only surviving due to the tender Ministrations of Doc Taylor and Corporal Tarn who thought it a wise decision to walk into the middle of a group of enemies and to drop two Frag grenades at his feet. He was not wrong in that it was a good idea to kill the bad guys but he was sorely mistaken in the thickness of his Carapace Armor. The Guardsmen were able to make their escape through what served at the Stanton Fortresses Subterranean Sally Port and though they were followed and there were a number of close encounters they made their way back to Cyanide Tide territory and safety.

After a couple of days recuperating and restocking as best as possible the team went back to the Lander and raided it for their Cached gear to replace what they had lost in the Encounter with the Tempest Rollers. Most of their Gear was recovered but some would remain sorely missed. The following day as promised the Cyanide Tide gang allocated them a guide who over the Course of a week led them to the presumed location of the Crashed Lander’s nose/Exit. The only eventful instance along the way being the “chance” encounter observation of what appeared to be a Low Tech Hivers following them, who disappeared into the Urban Jungle as soon as he knew he had been seen.

The Following Day the Team breached the level they were destined for and found what they were looking for. The Lander and obvious signs of friendly life. Unfortunately the reason that it was obvious was that from their Vantage point near the Hive Levels Ceiling they could see the 99th Melgovian set into a desperate Defense against hundreds of Tuefel Faulen who had Armored Vehicles and seemingly Indirect Fire support. The scene was grim and no one knew what to do, until someone (sorry I cant recall who) knew the best course of action would be to try to contact the Regiment over the Microbeads and hope that from this level and without the intervening Bulk of the Hive that they would be able to make contact.


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