Night Of A Thousand Rebellions

Ummmmmmm, What? How do we do this?

Ohhhhhhhh Buddy…!!!!!!! So it’s been a bit too long since I kept up this Journal but you were all there right…..? You remember what happened. You know with the Dack getting his face melted off and making away into the night with the Teufel Faulens goods and some new Comrades to boot. Then you needed to find a Doctor in this run down post apocalyptic Hive so that Dack wouldn’t be quite so ugly after you Trooper Medic Taylor picked up his face, blew off the dust bunnies and tried to reattach it.

Well I am sure you guys remember running into Ol’ Goliath and his Sub Farnell, only to be let to Junker City. That “Shanty” town run by the Tempest Rollers Gang. And surely you’ll remember good old Biff who offered so kindly to help you with getting medical attention for Dack if you would only be so kind as to go out and raid a warehouse for medical supplies. Fortunately for you guys the Gibbering Mob who had (been) accumulated at the warehouse were being used as barely Human Sentry Dogs by the local Scavs. The Scavs of course were more than happy to give you what you wanted if you helped them smuggle the remaining goods out of the Tempest Roller turf and back to the Cyanide Tide. How were you to know that for an as of yet not understood reason no one seems to like the Scavs….. even the people “profiting” from their endeavors. Seems curious to me… but then again I am a suspicious fella.

I also remember that after all seemed well someone(s) just had to take the joke a bit too far and push the Submissive beyond his tolerance……. I am not naming any names but…. “Deliverance”!!!! To be fair old Baldy McWild Wheels was more than a bit to blame for that as well. It all would have been great and you pesky kids would have gotten away with everything you wanted if not for that damn Farnell Character. Unfortunately for you he went and told on you to Biff and Biff decided to put you in the rather uncomfortable position of becoming prisoners or dying……. To which Sergeant Triton said “Fuck that shit yo! I’m gonna waste you like a Womp Rat back in Beggsar’s Canyon!” This enthusiastic declaration made the rest of the Party almost literally have a heart attack and shit themselves… Well it did in fact literally kill one member. Sergeant Gus Doyle was so taken aback by the excitement that a small blood clot worked its way lose from the still healing leg wound he had suffered some months earlier to a Dark Eldar weapon. Sadly this Blood Clot worked its way to Sergeant Doyle’s cranium where it was responsible for the ensuing Stroke that he suffered. Lacking the medical facilities and time Sergeant Doyle expired…… thus dying and shitting himself as a result of the excitement.


Ze_Game_Meister Ze_Game_Meister

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