Night Of A Thousand Rebellions

The Cyanide Tide

Within 24 hours of the teams detainment their room door is opened and a man is escorted into the room by two large Gangers. A table and Chair are placed in the room and while the two large men take up positions just behind their charge the individual sits down at the table and Addresses the STP. Kerban Fent sits before them and is the Benevolent Patriarch of the Cyanide Tide Gang of Hive Barock. Kerban Fent is a Grey Man and looks like any Imperial Citizen you would see on the street. He is 5’9 and medium build wearing normal clothing and appears unarmed. His demeanor is helpful but he always seeks an angle and to receive more than he gives. Though he is a criminal he is an Emperor Fearing criminal and will fight the ruinous powers with all of his ability. He chose to capitalize on his gangs specialties and utilize covert actions, stealth, and assassination to assist in the war efforts. Fent addresses the party curtiously and wants to know what they are doing there. Fent seems to not have known that the IMperial Guard has made planet fall and the STP was his first indication. Through a series of misunderstandings and information gathering the STP is able to determine that the Hive fell to an internal uprising of a wide spread Chaos Coven some 6 months ago. Fent is relieved that the Imperial Guard is here and is willing to assist in any reasonable way. The STP asks for an escort and guide to their destination and hopeful rendezvous with the remaining Emperors’s Bastards and Fent agrees to privde such assistance as he may. Though he says that in order for him to assist the Team he would need thie help in acquiring supplies that in additions to being necessary for the survival of his gang would allow him the resources to assist the Guardsmen. The STP agrees to help and formulates a plan to raid a local Teufel Faulen (Devils Rot) are all members of the prior PDF and their bodies have begun to rot underneath their Flak armor. They have the horrendous stench of rotting meat about them and are largely unable to be stealthy due to it. The are used as shock troops and though they are slow and bodies relatively frail they feel no pain and are nearly fearless.) checkpoint. Nearly a week as passed before the raid is conducted but it goes off as planned. A distraction is made which draws a good number of the checkpoint guards away, Sergeant Doyle and Corporal Tarn take up positions to sharpshoot the heavy weapons, and Trooper Golbar in his usual enthusiastic manner drives a supply truck full of Gangers Head long into the encampment where he crushed two enemy between his rolling death wagon and a stationary vehicle. All shortly becomes chaos after this as The Sharpshooters pick off trooper after trooper, the Gangers jump from the back of the truck to engage the enemy, Golbar fires his Combat Shotgun wildly from the inside of the now disabled Supply Truck, and The newly found Captive from the 3-99th take the opportunity to capitalize on the distraction and escape their confinement. The captives are able to make their way to a room where they believe their belongings to be and rifle though the supplies looking for anything that will allow them to defend themselves. One of the Guardsmen who appears to be an ancient trooper with the kind of demeanor that belies a certain aged insanity luckily finds his equipment and quickly dons it just in time to begin blasting away at every enemy shadow that darkens the rooms door. Sergeant Triton finds a Lasgun and joins that efforts of the wacky old coot in tearing down the enemy that pursue them. This all seems to be going well until one of their compatriots turns to look at the doorway while searching for his gear and is surprised to see the muzzle of a Lasgun bearing down on him. He opens his mouth in shock just as the Lasgun emits a devastating bust of rounds that stitch up his body. The last of which searing the flesh of his face and blinding him. The wounds are so extensive that he goes into unconsciousness immediately; the interior of the room smelling of charred meat and ozone. The fortune of this event was only to be fond in the presence of Trooper Medic John Taylor who was able to immediately rush to the aid of the downed man and stabilize him as Sergeant Triton tore down the remaining foe. With the enemy who were present defeated the team quickly consolidated their resources, collected what assets they could, and departed before any enemy reinforcements could arrive……


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