Night Of A Thousand Rebellions

Sins of the Spinward Front Episode 0.1.3

A Hero's Welcome

The team find itself re-entering friendly lines having survived an attack by the Dark Eldar. Though scathed and some members on the verge of death they were able to capture a barely living Xenos female. With the Woman and General secured the squad makes contact with the 34th Maccabian Janissaries and are provided a location to make link up. The Chimeras spend two days travelling to the location only to find it to be an open area devoid of any signs of life. After making radio contact again they are told to hold position and to move on foot to a location some distance away from the Convoys. After arriving at that location 4 Sentinels are seen approaching rapidly. As they move toward the resting Chimera they take up defensive positions around the armored vehicles, seemingly to ensure the Squad is unable to return to them. Moments later 4 Chimeras arrive and encircle the members of the 99th Melgovian then disgorged dozens of troops who bring their arms to bear on the ramshackle squad and order them to drop their weapons and to lay on the ground. The team does as instructed and are quickly searched and bound. As the squad wonders at the extreme treatment they see not only two Priests overwatching this process but also a Confessor and a retinue of 4 Frateris Militia (the unofficial and volunteer militant arm of the Ecclesiarchy). They Ecclesiarcal representatives inspect each team member as well as their captives. However they seem more interested in Troopers Bengi Figgus and Arn Bigshoostakilla than they are in the Xenos or Dominate General. They mutter words like “apostate” and “heretic” as they scan the group. The group is separated and loaded onto the Chimera and they are escorted back to the Forward Operating Base 12. Once they arrive they are deprived of all of their possessions and confined in a tent together to only shortly after be separated and confined in hastily prepared earthen berm “cells”. The troops are left to sleep in the dirt for the night and early in the morning are roughly awoken only to be taken one at a time to a tent displaying Ecclesiarchal Markings. Each member is questioned individually and it becomes clear that the Confessor is making an attempt to seek each member to incriminate his fellows in any act he can find. Much to the Confessors consternation to member gives up any information that they can quickly talk their way out of and justify. The one exception being Corporal Tarn Volkgeir who due to his status of being a Melgovian by birth and his attitude toward the Confessor earning him a short but brutal beating from the Maccabian Jannisarie guards whom were hlding security over each squad member during the interrogation. Within a couple hours after the interrogations are finished the squad mambers can hear their Sergeant Major approaching the earthen cells as he orders the Jannissary guard to stand down. Though the men cannot see the altercation it becomes obvious that the guard has no intention of allowing the Sergeant Major by and as a consequence finds himself laying on his back with the wind knocked out of him and an unknown number of broken ribs. The Sergeant Major sees that his men are released and once they move into the sunlight of a Virbian afternoon they see the Sergeant Major kitted out for a fight and wearing his Power Fist on his Left arm while wearing his signature Storm Bolter slung across his shoulder within easy reach of his right hand. He orders the men to secure their possessions and to move with a purpose to the Chimera. When they arrive they find Benge and Arn hiding inside under a canvas tarp (as much as an Orgryn can “hide”) they aslo see that the Maccabian identifying markers on the Chimera have been crudely scraped off by an unknown person. When the Sergeant Major is questioned about the consequences of taking a Chimera that they had only borrowed for the mission he informs them that he “convinced” the Jannissary Supply Sergeant to allow them to repurpose the Chimera in exchange for the Dominate armored vehicle that they acquired. With that information Trooper Faroom enthusiastically jumped into the Drivers seat and revved the engine, taking off toward the camps’s main gate. Driving through the wooded cross post as they exit the gate they move out at full speed toward Theater Base Alpha and the rest of the 99th Melgovian.


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