Night Of A Thousand Rebellions

Sins of the Spinward Front Episode 0.1.2

The Attack

Corporal Tok and Trooper Faroom decide upon the plan of attack. Trooper Figgus the Ratling and Trooper Arn Bigshoostakilla the Ogryn would take up an overwatch position looking over the enemy compound and providing observation and communication between groups. Trooper Faroom and Corporal Volkgeir would stealthily enter the side of the compound under cover of night and commandeer the enemy Chimera. Once the Chimera was secured Trooper GIls and Corporal Tok wearing enemy uniforms and driving the captured enemy truck would approach the front gate as if delivering supplies. Once the Truck was through the gate it would ram the Barracks door hopefully trapping the majority of the defending troops inside their own building. Once this occurred the Friendly Chimera would approach and suppress the front gate while the now captured Chimera and the Overwatch position would begin to pick off enemy elements…..

The plan went according to plan the Truck was able to block the entrance and a good number of enemy troops were immolated by the hand of Corporal Tok and his Flamer. The Defenders who were not in the barracks were made quick work of as Corporal Volkgeir and Trooper Messick made red mist out of a great many of them with the Chimera main weapons. The speed and accuracy of the assault being made all the more potent by the warp spawned wyrd powers the Psyker Hessman wielded assisting and guiding the blows of the friendly troops. All was going as planned until in a moment of impatience Trooper Faroom and Corporal Volkgeir abandoned the captured Chimera to assault the Bunker door in hopes of taking the General unawares. This turned out to be a foolhardy effort as not only was the Armorplas door more than either of them were able to breach but just as they left the Chimera an explosion tore through the rear of the Enemy barracks and the remaining enemy soldiers began to pour out. Things began to look as if they would turn for the worse as nearly two dozen enemy Infantry rushed out of the burning building to find cover and counter attack. Trooper Faroom and Corporal Volkgeir rushed back to the Chimera to man the guns. With the Emperor on their side however the Imperial Guardsman were able to make short work out of the Enemy troops through precision application of devastating Flame Weapons, and Heavy Turret fire from the Chimeras.

With the remaining enemy troops disposed of the Guardsman turned their attention to the bunker and the General. With no means to breach the Bunker door they began a search of the Compounds warehouse. This search turned up a good deal of supplies but the most useful of which was a crate of 24 Demolition Charges. Psyker Hessman suggested wisely that the best course of action would be to use the maximum number of charges possible to cave in as much of the mysterious cave entrance as possible while retaining just enough of the charges to breach the Bunker door. Trooper Faroom and Corporal Volkgeir were able to rig the Charges with only minimal effort but due to a practical difference of opinion on how to rig the explosives properly only three fourths of the Charges actually detonated. Corporal Volkgeir Sneered at Trooper Faroom for what he viewed as the fault of an over zealous youth while the exact mind of Trooper Faroom remained unknown. The charges that did detonate were sufficient to block a significant amount of the Cave entrance but not enough to ensure that it would stay blocked for long.

The remaining charges were used to breach the Bunker door where a fierce firefight ensued. As the Guardsman flung stun grenade after stun grenade into the breach they were met by Krak Grenades and HotShot Lasgun fire in return.Corporal Volkgeir and Corporal Tok were the first to make entrance and both would likely have perished if not for the overpowering presence of Trooper Bigshoostakilla following them in the doorway and drawing the majority of the enemy fire. Dozens of Hotshot las rounds burned through the air and into the Ogryns flesh with a sickening sizzle. Trooper Arn Bigshoostakilla came within in a breath of meeting the Emperor that day and though his wounds were horrendous he was stabilized and brought back from the brink by the expert skills of Trooper Gils the Squad medic. The firefight raged and las rounds and grenades were exchanged and bodies dropped to the floor. With a well placed grenade from both Corporal Tok and Corporal Volkgeir the General and his sole remaining body guard were stunned momentarily and the Guardsman took advantage of this moment to rush the dazed enemy and subdue them. The bodyguard was summarily executed and the General was bound and extracted while the Troopers searched the Bunker. The search turned up not only the personal Journals of the General but also Battle plans that described the overall Severan Dominate disposition and strategy as well as the local enemy cryptographical information for communications. These items of intelligence along with the General himself could spell the death knell for the Dominate forces on Vibruis if they could be returned to friendly line in time.

With that the Guardsman made haste to depart the area and return to friendly controlled territory. It wasn’t until the third night of their return trip that they discovered the true source of the mysterious attacks on the planet. As night truly set in the convoy of Chimeras took a rest halt and before anyone could react they found themselves under attack by a sizeable host of Dark Eldar travelling and a Raider transport. The transport nearly destroyed the Captured Chimera with numerous hits from a heavy energy weapons while it disgorged a dozen enemy fighters who began to tear into the Troopers. The Enemy were tough but between expertly fired rounds and the Use of a Chimera as a battering ram the enemy was dispatched. Sergeant Doyle was horrendously wounded after killing two of the Foul enemy as a Splinter Rifle nearly tore his leg from his body; slicking the ground with his blood. When all was said and done. Sergeant Doyle lay at death’s door, and many other troopers were wounded. Medic Gils immediately moved to stabilize the wounded troopers. Amazingly he was able to not only stabilize Sergeant Doyles condition but he was able to suture close the severed artery, thus saving the Sergeants leg. However not only had they survived but they had also captured an enemy Wytch. Now they just had to make it the rest of the way to friendly line and hope for no more incidents.


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