Night Of A Thousand Rebellions

Enter the Hulk 1.0

Welcome to the Special Troops Platoon

Our intrepid heroes return from the Jannissarry camp by means of ole Betsy. When they arrive at Theater Base Alpha they see that the entire Army Group seems to be packing up to leave. They find the 99th Cantonment area and notice that it wasn’t just they who had run ins with the Adeptus Ministorum as there seem to be priests everywhere keeping a close eye. After swiftly packing up their gear and receiving a sincere set of congratulations they are told by their CO Captain Jeshrack to report to the Supply tent to get their Central Issue from the Melgovian Supply Chain. What they find is that they receive a number of matching uniforms, a full set of Carapace armor, and a Triplex Rifle a piece. The team has time to get back and store their gear before being rolled up by the SGM to head down to the landing area with Betsy and retrieve a Cargo container for Colonel Marn. When they arrive at the Transport storage area they are completely lost by the sheer number of crates and must ask for direction from a Munitorum worker. Now with good direction to the container they make good time. When arriving they find a cadre of Frateris Militia awaiting them who attempt to get in their path but between Luther Hessman’s foreboding words, the presence of a revving Chimera piloted by Golbar, and the burst of Heavy Stubber let off by Corporal Stereh the Frateris Militia decide that discretion is the better part of valor and stand aside. When some of the squad members inspect the container they find it to in fact be packed to the very brim with Beastmen, who are clearly unhappy about how they are being handled and the nearly lethal conditions of their transportation. Once the squad returns with the container it is handed off to Commissar Hetch and that is the last they hear of it. After a couple of hours down time they are summoned to a Regminetal Formation where Colonel Marn Congratulated the men personally and thn discusses some of the particulare of the up coming move.The Imperium as a whole seems to be in danger. Rebellions have sprung up every where and whole sections of space have gone dark. They are to be deployed to the worlds of Asterion where they will do they best to remedy the situation though they as of yet have no found out any details of the World or what to expect there. After the Colonel speaks the Arch Confessor Vladamir Nessar takes the dias to speak lowly of the Regminet for its “heretical” beliefs. He is only stopped by Sergeant Major Alexander and Comissar Hetch dragging forth a Fateris Militia who had clearly been attempting to spy in the regiment by wearing one of its uniforms. The poor man is drug before the stage and unceremoniously dropped before the Sergeant Major shares a few choice words with the Confessor and then he and the Commissar leave the field. Just after the regimental Ceremony the men are asked to form up as a company where the Men of 3rd Platoon 3 Squad are given their proof of trial by fire. Major Brecht anoints each Trooper’s left armor shoulder plate with a coat of crimson red paint.

Soon the men are called for again and but this time to escort Colonel Marn to a meeting. They arrive to find Arch Confessor Vladamir Nessar ranting about the 99th Composite to General Corball the Army Group commander. The General responds to him politically and bids him good day and the Confessor storms out. After both men leave the party is approached by the man whom had been sitting back observing the exchange. He introduces himself as Commodore – Captain Fin Rikt. The master and and commander of the Rogue Trader Vessel Litany of Woe. He explains that the 99th is to conveyed from place to place to support the war effort but the Litany; but when they and the Litany are not occupied with matters of the Imperial Guard the Commodore Captain is free to use the 99th as he likes. They are dismissed and return to camp.

A few short hours later the 99th finds itself in orbit aboard the Litany. This ship is massive being a Grand Cruiser. Not the largest ship the Imperium produces but close to it. The are billetted somewhere near the core of the ship in what looks like a cargo storage areas that had long ago been converted to accommodate Colonists. The Troops make themselves at home and begin to take up their daily duties along with the incessant need for check ins buy their platoon commander Leiutenant Neflan Sark. After they enter warp the Sergeant Major gathers them and informs them that they have been allocated to support him directly as the Battalions “Special Troops Platoon” but that if he is not operationally using them they are to report back to 3rd Platoon. With that he orders them to get with a handful of the Beastmen who will also be a part of the Chosen Few and to get themselves and the Beastmen into some kind of operational capability. The troops take to this with a fervor and the Beastmen seem even more eager to soak up the opportunity.


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