Night Of A Thousand Rebellions

Exit the Hulk

WAY LATE Entry so the next few will be a brief synopsis. Ill make sure to keep up with the logging of the story more often.

The STP boards a Shark Assault boat Along with Runepriest Kreth Gren and is attached for technical support. The team makes their way to the predetermined Landing Point; a Massive bay that is exposed to the exterior of the Hulk. The Bay is exposed to Vacuum and so the Party is forced to stay in the Chimera for the time being. As they slowly rumble their way off of the Assault craft they see that the open space of the Zero G bay is absolutely filled with desiccated remains. The dried husks that compose the remains seems to be nearly entirely that of Orks but there are a few sporadic Human remains amongst the thousands of floating corpses. There appears to have been a large conflict here at some indeterminate time in the past where seemingly the combatants were exposed to the rigors of hard vacuum and perished. Though the debris in the air makes navigation difficult the party is able to make to discover what they believe to be the Bays control tower. It is a large structure that spans nearly the breadth of the Bay along the ceiling giving it a commanding view of the area, with a long switchback staircase leading from the ground floor to the top. The STP is faced with the additional problem now that only Sergeant Gus Doyle is equipped for any exposure to vacuum and for him to enter the Bay he must expose the interior of the Chimera to depressurization. Lacking any other options Sergeant Doyle exits the vehicle quickly to reduce the exposure to the remaining team. Most of the crew are knocked unconscious or endure the otherwise “unpleasant” side effects of vacuum exposure. Though all the crew survive they are shaken for the experience. Runepriest Gren is able to assist Sergeant Doyle in establishing power to the Bay’s atmospherics generators and shielding. This allows the Bay to be pressurized and in a short time it is suitable for unaided exposure, save the dust of thousands of ancient bodies now filling the air. Once contact with the Litany of Woe is established the remainder of the Emperors Bastards make their way on the Arson Lander to the Bay where they debark and follow orders to secure a wide perimeter around the bay. The leadership of the 3-99th is taking no chances with what may lurk in Pandora’s Dirge.

When the area is secured the STP is instructed to make their way toward the last known location of Commodore Captain Rikt. The depart immediately. Soon after departure they enter a large room that is largely in ruin. Near the back of the room they see a light being emitted from the inside of what looks to be a roughly spherical shaped structure built into the rear wall. The structure is notable not only for being the only source off light but also for being obviously newer than the rest of the room. Movement and noise can be heard from inside the sphere and the team under the Leadership of Sergeant Doyle take up position to enter the structure. Trooper Golbar using his expert technician skills is able to finesse his way through what appears to be an alien door lock and opens the entry. As Sergeant Doyle and Corporal Tarn make entry they see what looks like a large but slender Ape like creature that is nude with the exception so what appears to be technological devices attached to its body. Sergeant Doyle makes that decision to hold fire and after long deliberation and an extreme language barrier they find that the creature is willing to follow them and appears to not be a threat. They will later find out that this creature is a Jokero and when all is said and done Mhk’Merthka’Rinn the Jokero finds comfortable employment in the services of the Captain Commodore.

The STP spends days travelling and endures additional exposure to Vacuum, hostile Aliens (whom were utterly obliterated by the automatic weapons fire of Corporal Steher), and more than a few oddities but in the end they come upon a small group of injured Human beings. Mostly female and the elderly. They speak with the unarmed people and find out that according to them the Commodore Captain and his band attacked them mercilessly and murdered much of their family who had been stranded upon the Dirge and were eaking out a tentative existence. The woman to whom they are speaking offers to take them to meet with he Father. When all pans out they fond that the Commodore Captain and the few remaining of his team here badly injured, low on ammunition, and trapped in a dead end room by the civilians. While it was true the the Commodore Captain had murdered many of the people he encountered he had in fact done so with a purpose. These people were in fact a Genestealer cult that had dozens of generations of hybrids bred and raised. To make matters worse, through some unknown source the Cult had been exposed to some form of infections and appeared to be heavily plagued. Many of them appeared to be healthy but others had bore the marks of the disease with boils growing and bursting, their flesh slowly seeping away from their muscles, and an air of putrid taint about them. The cult was attacked by the STP and those who did not run were slain quickly. Contact was made with with Commodore Captain who was himself injured. It was decided that the STP would continue the mission while the Captains party returned to the Arson Lander.

The part was able to make their way to the Pride of Kezath but it shortly became obvious they those remaining members of the Cult appeared to be much larger in number that first assumed and also appeared to be shadowing them along their route. The STP was able to make their way to the Bridge of the Pride of Kezath with little incident and with the assistance of Trooper Golbar and Runepriest Gren able to ensure that the warp drive would engage in 1 weeks time. This gave the team the enormous task of attempting to return to the Arson Lander in less than a week and while being harassed by the enemies who were following them. In the end the team was not able to make their way to the lander and were pinned down and trapped by Genestealers and Hybrids blocking all known paths. Their only remaining option was extremely dangerous but it was decided that they would contact the Litany of Woe and request her to fire her weapons at two separate locations on the Dirge. One to open an access to the exterior of the Hull that the team could exit and another for them to re-enter that was closer to their objective. Not only was there the real danger of the weapons fire itself killing them but the nearly unaided exposure to vacuum would very likely be lethal to anyone without a Vac suit. The only boon the possessed was this time they had portable oxygen bottles with them but this would only minutely detract from the harm that they faced. With the final word the Woe fired and the team was able to make their way across the area largely with the expert efforts of Sergeant Doyle. The STP arrived back at the lander within an hour of the Pride’s Warp Drive going active. They boarded the Lander along with the rest of the Regiment and it departed immediately.

As the Lander screamed away from the Dirge they became shortly aware that they Pride must have gone to Warp as their world seemed to turn upside down and the Lander shook with a vigor that seemed to reach their very soul. Then all went black.


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